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Music Page

Let's put our knowledge of RHYTHM into practice with some BODY PERCUSSION
Let's put our knowledge of RHYTHM into practice with some BODY PERCUSSION

Learn some Body Percussion with Ollie

Play along with 'The Piano Guys'

This song from 'The Lion King' has some musical notation to follow

Learn about RHYTHM and BEAT

Use objects from home to make up your own rhythmic music   Click here for ideas

KS1 Grab a spoon and plastic cup – make some music!

Click here to sing the Robot Rhythm Song   

Here are some MUSICAL STORIES to enjoy:  

Treasure Island:  Part 1 - Skull and Crossbones

Read this exciting story and learn a new song with each episode. 

Watch the story of 'Peter Pajamas' and listen to the beautiful piano music.

PITCH: Learn about high and low musical sounds         

Blob Opera - this is fun!!!   Make up your own music

Experiment with high and low sounds at home

High and low notes for Early Years and KS1

LISTEN to 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Grieg.    Click here for music      

Listen out for: the strings that play the sounds of Peer tiptoeing and running to escape. The tiptoeing sound is an effect called pizzicato where string players pluck the strings of their instrument rather than use a bow.

ACTIVITY:  Draw a picture whilst listening to the music.  What images and ideas are coming into your head?  What colours are you imagining?

Send your picture to your class teacher so that we can upload it on to this page for everyone to see. 

 Edvard Grieg BORN: 1843 in Norway  DIED: 1907

Many of Grieg's pieces were based on Norwegian fairy stories and melodies, and he is still Norway's most respected composer.  In the Hall of the Mountain King is from his most famous work - Peer Gynt.  The character of Peer Gynt is based on a Norwegian folk tale. You can watch the story below. 


Edvard Grieg BORN: 1843 in Norway  DIED: 1907  

The Story of Peer Gynt