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Working together to succeed in life

Year 4

Europe! It turns out that we are just a small part of a rather large continent and that continent makes a brilliant jigsaw. We worked together to match the land shapes to the countries on the map. It was quite a challenge because Miss Parker-Sharp gave us pieces without labels! But obviously we kept going and succeeded together.

Year 4 were invited to join Greenhead College sing their charity Christmas song. Find us on YouTube, where we have had over 6000 views! #CarolForYorkshire

We took a particular interest in 'teeth' so looked closely at the structure of the tooth and created 3D models to show the enamel, dentine, the blood vessels and nerves. After carrying out an investigation to look at the effects our favourite drinks have upon our teeth, some of us will be thinking before we drink in future!

We couldn't possibly explore India without looking at the celebration of Diwali and the Hindu story of Rama and Sita. This gave us an exciting opportunity to perform the story on stage in front of our parents and the entire school. There were lots of lines to learn, songs to sing and music to dance to but we had a brilliant time rehearsing and did a fantastic job of telling the story through drama.

Sayed Haider Raza was an Indian painter who created abstract, expressive pieces of art, including 'Landscapes of the mind'. We explored different media before creating our own 'Lansdcapes of the mind', do you like how our individual pieces of art work together as one?

We thoroughly enjoyed using all of our senses to explore India. The flavours were used to create Rangoli patterns, colours to create the Indian flag and the sounds of Indian music inspired some brilliant Bollywood dancing. However, our favourite part of India was exploring the taste!