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Welcome to Nursery

Summer 2

This half term we are looking at the topic of transport.

We will be looking at the different forms of transport and completing a vehicle survey on our street. We will be drawing our favourite type of transport and making vehicles using junk modelling.

We will be looking at different places around the world and how we could get to these places and what we would see if we went. We will learn about the world and different countries in it.

We will also be looking at our families and what life was like for our parents and grandparents when they were small.


In Nursery we have been creating different forms of transport using a variety of different media. Look at our amazing models!

Summer 1

This half term we will be looking at 'Growing'.

We will be reading 'The very hungry caterpillar' story and finding out about the life cycle of a butterfly. We will be sampling all of the fruits that the caterpillar ate and creating colourful pictures using collage, paints and crayons.

We will also be reading 'Jack and the beanstalk' and finding out about how and what seeds need to grow. The children will be individually planting sunflower seeds and we will be keeping a diary about how they are doing.



To celebrate Eid this week we have made bread and used it to open our very own mini fast. We did not have our snack during the sessions and waited until the end of our session to eat our bread instead. We had butter and jam on our bread. The children were very excited to be getting ready for their celebrations of Eid. 

We have been looking at healthy foods in Nursery.

We have completed some vegetable printing using colours that we have mixed together and we have made our very own fruit salad. The children really enjoyed cutting up all the different fruits and then sitting to eat what they had created. We have tried mangos, pineapples, melon and pears.

This half term we have really enjoyed learning about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story. We have created lots of the characters in the story to put up in our classroom. We worked together as a team to create the hungry caterpillar and all the food that he ate. We then worked individually to make our very own butterflies using paint and prints. We have used a variety of different media to create our art work. 

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book character. Can you guess who we are?

World Book Day activities 


Family and self portraits, height charts, long and short, tall and small, colour sorting and sensory activities 

Week 6 Home learning work

Chinese New Year - Animal masks, lanterns, repeated patterns, red envelopes, musical instruments, Chinese dragons and dances.


Week 5 Home learning work

Chinese New Year - fans, lanterns, environmental sounds and number writing in English and Mandarin.


Week 4 Home learning work

Snowman names, making dens, teddy bears picnic and bear drawings.

Week 3 Home learning work

We're going on a bear hunt, positional language, maps, handwriting and binoculars

Look at all the fun that we had in the snow last week.

Well done to all the children that have taken part in the home learning this past week. I wanted to showcase the great work that you are all doing and give everyone else ideas of what they can do ( Please see below).

Please keep sending us you amazing work so we can show it to all your friends.

Week 2 -  Home learning work

Making puppets, size ordering, sorting clothes, weather pictures and bears.

Week 1 - Home learning work

Counting, handwriting and bears.

 Learning from home 

Remember you are always learning, so make sure you take advantage of every opportunity by: Baking, reading, walking, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, painting, shopping, talking and many many more things.

 We would love to see all the things that you are doing - please email them to the school email address target.nursery@kirkleeseducation.uk 


Read, Read, Read - read everything that you see, road signs, receipts when shopping, recipes, books, magazines. Different prints in our environment.

Talk to you children about the letters, words that they see or hear you say to them. Can they repeat these words and make up their own sentence. Reading is super important!

Make phonics fun! Look at the letters and sounds around you, they are in every part of your day.
Singing songs and making up rhymes ( Talking about words that sound the same and what does not sound the same i;e - cat, mat and dog)

Pencil control is really important for Nursery children as it helps to develop skill such as writing their name.

Please help your child to use pencils, crayons, chalks etc to make large and small movements such as ; oooo, ssss, cccc, \/\/\/\/ on a board, on the floor outside, on a piece of paper.



Shape Space and Measure
What shapes can you see when you are in your house or out on a walk? Talk about the properties of a shape e.g. a circle has 1 side, it goes all the way round. a square has 4 sides, they are all the same length, how many corners does it have? 
Are the shapes 2d (flat) or 3d (fat)? 
Can your child help you measure something? You can measure length, height and capacity. How many footsteps long is a tree that has fallen down (length)  Or how many jugs of water to fill the bath? (capacity) or if dad is lying down, how many teddies can fit next to him? (Height) 
Talk about the position of objects and themselves. Are they over, under, next to, on top of, left or right


Encourage your child to count forwards and backwards from any given number between 0 - 10. Talk about one more and one less. Use real life problems in the supermarket - 'I need 1 more than 3 packets of sweets'.
Look at the numbers you see around you. On signs, on doors, in your house and when you are out and about. 

Can you talk about adding and subtracting - again use this in everyday life. 'If Malikah had 3 sweets and Saara gave her 2 more, how many would she have' or I had 5 leaves but the wind blew 3 away, how many are left?' use the objects to help the children work out the answers, discussing whether you are adding or subtracting. 


Understanding The World
Discuss the similarities and differences of the world we see around us - what is the difference between, a walk in the woods and a walk round town? 
Talk about what makes people different and what makes them the same? The different food people eat, different languages, clothes, celebrations, ages, height, skin colour, things they like to do and do not like to do. 
Use technology, safely, show children how fantastic technology can be: to research, to take pictures, videos, learn, program, and play games. Remember to make sure your child is safe online.


Physical Development 
Walk, run, skip, jump, hop, play catch, football, tennis, swim and dance - there is so much you can do. Make sure you stay active as much as you can. Talk to your child about working and playing in teams. 
Encourage your child to balance, to roll, to leap and to climb. They need to grow big and strong. 
Holding a pencil is really important - some children might forget how to do this - using their most dominant hand, pinch the end of the pencil between their thumb and two fingers. Children shouldn't hold their pencil with their whole fist.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Encourage your child to talk to you - it's a really strange time for everyone. Make sure that you ask them if they are ok, and that they are beginning to understand their emotions: happy, sad, worried, nervous and excited, and the reasons they feel like this? Use characters you are familiar with in stories or on the tv to help show your child the difference and importance of emotions.
Ask lots of questions, and help your child to ask them too, making conversations is really important. Try and show your child how to share, and help others.


Communication and Language
Encourage your child to use full sentences when talking. Talk to them about different things, making sure that you are having child friendly conversations. Doing this with your children will teach them how to do the same with others. Can your child ask and respond to questions? Can they tell jokes? Do they understand how to rhyme? 'The fat cat sat on the mat' which words rhyme and why?


Expressive Arts and Design 
When you are learning from home it is the perfect time get creative, make things, paint things, draw things, build things. Can you create a project - Can you create a project - before you start make a plan, who is it for, what is it for, how are you going to make it? Then create the design, once you have finished can you make improvements? If you did it again, what would you do differently? 

The CBeebies website is really good for accessing educational learning. Please have a look at the timetable below which will help you decide which activities and shows will be good for helping your child learn new things in different subjects.

Mrs Parveen and Miss Holroyd have recorded a number of different stories for you to watch and enjoy while you are at home. Just incase you were missing seeing us, you can now watch these stories whenever you like. Enjoy!


See you later Alligator                                             Amazing Aeroplanes

Splat the cat                                                           Monkey puzzle

Don't kick up a fuss, Gus

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Daily routine for your children

I have split you into 2 groups to make learning easier for you all.

If you are in Nursery 9am please follow the white and orange below and if you are in Nursery 10am please follow the white and green below.

8:30 - All children -  Wake up, get yourself dressed, have breakfast, brush your teeth.


9:00 - Nursery 9am  - Join Miss Holroyd for our daily virtual learning session.

         Nursery 10 am  - Complete a morning wake up shake up . You could also take part in Joe Wicks workouts                                   on a Mon, Weds and Fri.


9:30 - Nursery 9am - Complete the activity set by Miss Holroyd

          Nursery 10am - Enjoy a little rest with a snack and some milk.


10:00 - Nursery 9am  - Complete a morning wake up shake up . You could also take part in Joe Wicks workouts                                    on a Mon, Weds and Fri.

          Nursery 10 am  - Join Miss Holroyd for our daily virtual learning session.


10:30 - Nursery 9am - Enjoy a little rest with a snack and some milk.

          Nursery 10am - Complete activity set by Miss Holroyd 


11:00 - All children - Story and song time (this could be the ones we have sent home or your own) You could get the children to re tell the story without the book when they have heard it a few times. Stories and reading with your children is so important. Please make sure you do this at least once a day. I have put links to three of my favourite stories below. 

Goldilocks and The Three Bears                         My Friend Bear                           Peace At Last

 Whatever Next story 

11:30 - All children - To complete the activity Mrs Parveen is sending you by email. Please take photos and send them in to target.nursery@kirkleeseducation.uk 


12:00 - Lunch time and enjoy the rest of your day, you have worked really hard. Well done!

Nursery - I would like to hear about all the fabulous things you have been getting up to over the last few weeks. Send me a comment with help from you parents to let me know what you are enjoying or to ask a question if you are stuck with anything.

Keep in touch, Miss Holroyd


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