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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life


 Good morning Nursery.

We have finally made it to the end of our Summer term!

Well done to you all for making such a great effort to continue your learning at home with your family. I have really enjoyed seeing you all exploring the activities I have set. Please keep on sending me pictures of you all enjoying your work, it really makes me smile. :)

I have really enjoyed teaching you all this year and thank you for being such an amazing class. I have been to see some of you with a little something to remember our time together and I will be popping round to see the rest of you this week. I have missed you so much I just wanted to see you all in person. 

For the children going to our Reception, I look forward to seeing you all dressed in your new uniform in September ready for full time school. Very smart I am sure!

For the few children that are leaving our school, good luck at your new schools and make sure you pop back and see us some time. we will miss you! 

The rest of you will be coming back to a new routine and lots of new friends. So exciting, I can not wait to have you back!

Enjoy your Summer holidays and make the most of the your family time. 

Missing you all and sending virtual hugs

Miss Holroyd  :)

Home learning Summer 2 Week 7 (13/07/2020)

This week we will be looking at the season Summer and transition

Communication and language – This week I would like you to think about the season of summer. The weather has not always been summer sunshine but we are moving into our summer holiday. I have found some nice summer stories to help you think about what summer is like and what things we might see or do during this season.     Winnie at the seaside             Summertime bounce story

This is our last week before the summer break and we would have been looking at transition from Nursery to Reception for most of you over this half term. Starting school is a nice story to help you think about what school will be like when you start full time in September.

 I have been looking at some activities to develop your communication skills and I have found this really good link called Tiny happy people  it is a BBC website, please take a look.


Physical development –  Well done for all of you that took part in the virtual sports day and all of my physical activities last week. I did set you a challenge, with so many activities but I knew you would work hard to complete some, if not all of them.

I have left on the Change4life - indoor activities – 10 minute Disney  activities because I though you could continue to complete these this week. They are really fun!

Here is a Chick a boom summer song we have used this series before at school so you might recognise the people in it. Have a go at following his moves.

Please don’t forget to continue to write your name on a daily basis; on paper, with chalks outside, in paint, in sand or on a whiteboard.


Personal, social and emotional development This week I wanted to give you some things to help you understand the transition from Nursery to Reception, coming back to nursery and generally coming back to school. Why we stay at home is a good story to help you talk to you child about why we have been staying at home.

Dr Dog – Returning to school / Nursery stories and In it together - Returning to school after lockdown are fabulous stories that will help you understand what will happen when we all start school again in September. Please look at these stories and discuss any concerns you have or your child has with each other. You could also email if you have concerns you cannot address between yourselves.

Hungry little minds is a great link that has lots of ideas for children aged 3-5 years to keep them busy over the holidays.


Understanding the world – I have found some interesting science experiments for you to have a go at that use water. You can explore making a  Frozen sea which involves adding some creatures to water and freezing (what happens to the water and creatures?).

You could have a go at exploring floating and see if you can get an egg to float on the water (Floating egg)

Can you make rain clouds using shaving foam – CLICK HERE

Growing your own beans in a bag – CLICK HERE


Literacy –I would like you to continue to look at rhyme this week. I have found some more rhyming activities to help your children match the words that rhyme. Please remember to keep reading stories daily and this will help the children recognise sounds, rhymes and objects.


Summer home learning challenge – have a go at working through these challenges and see what you can find out about things that you see during summertime!


Maths – Continuing our summertime theme, I have found some great activities for you to have a go at that. These activities will help you develop your understanding of summer and seaside’s.

A Summer dot to dot this will help you recognise your numbers and place them in the correct order.

A Spot the difference to help you look closely and think about what difference you can see in the picture. You will need good observational skill for this.

These 2D shape pictures will help you recognise that there are shapes in lots of objects we see in our environment. Please look at the picture carefully and name the shapes that have been used and count how many of each shape you can see.


Expressive arts and design –  In the summertime you might get chance to visit the beach and it can get quiet hot out in the sunshine. My favourite thing to have when it is so hot is an ice cream. How about you?

Could you have a go at making an ice cream cone with your favourite ice cream on top?

I also love going on the sand at the beach. Could you have a go at making your very own Seaside in a bottle. You can add anything you have at home to your seaside scene ( shells, stones, seaweed, sea creatures). I can’t wait to see you creations!

In summer the flowers in our gardens are now in full bloom. Have your sunflowers grown that you planted a few months ago? Can you have a go at creating your own flower picture. Make them as colourful and beautiful as possible.


I wanted to share some more wonderful work that you are all doing. I hope this inspires your friends to have a go at the activities and send in your fabulous work to share with your friends. These pictures really make me smile :)

Here is a selection of all the amazing work that my Nursery children have been completing at home. I am so impressed with all of the hard work you are showing. Keep it up!

Daily routine for the children and yourselves to follow

8:30 - Wake up, get yourself dressed, have breakfast, brush your teeth.

9:00 - Morning wake up shake up activities. This could be a morning walk, action rhythms or dance moves listening to music.

9:30 - Choose an activity from the list above. 

10:00 - Drink and snack

10:30 - Choose another activity from the list above. 

11:00 - Story and song time (this could be the ones we have sent home or your own) You could get the children to re tell the story without the book when they have heard it a few times.

11:30 - Free choice - let them choose what they would like to do.

12:00 - lunch

Nursery - I would like to hear about all the fabulous things you have been getting up to over the last few weeks. Send me a comment with help from you parents to let me know what you are enjoying or to ask a question if you are stuck with anything.

Keep in touch, Miss Holroyd


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Mukarram Usman(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mrs Holroyd Mukarram has been enjoying every subject that you have posted for us he has also enjoyed making a pirate and colouring the pirate ship which I sent you a picture of.This week we loved learning about “under the sea “ creatures In power point upon asking he recognised their names which made mum very happy ,proud. I have also sent you a picture Of our colourful seahorse

This half terms topic in Nursery has been about Bears. We have read the stories 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The children loved finding out about the history of bears and how the teddy bear got his name. We finished the half term by writing to our teddy bear and inviting them to a picnic. Of course they accepted the invitation so we made sandwiches and shared them with our bears.

Our topic this half term has been celebrations. The children in nursery have taken part in a number of different celebrations such as; Diwali, Bonfire night and Birthdays. We created a number of different things such as Divas using clay, Rangoli patterns using sand, party invitations and hats and firework pictures using bright coloured paints.

We have been learning about the story of The Little Red Hen and how she made some bread from seeds. The children wanted to have a go at making their own bread and I am sure you will agree they did a great job.

The nursery children were asked to complete some homework about Autumn with their families. As always the children and their parents have worked hard to create some amazing work. Well done to you all!

This Autumn term we have been looking at how are environment is changing. We went on an Autumn walk around our school and local area to see what we could find. The children loved exploring the changes and found lots of leaves and berries. We then created some fabulous art work using different media.

This half term we have been looking at the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children have enjoyed making the objects from the story using a variety of different media, acting out the story using the props and tasting lots of different foods that the caterpillar ate. we then made a fabulous display in our classroom of the story.

We have been really lucky this half term to have real life chicks in school. We have watched them hatch out of the eggs while in the incubator and then move into a larger cage to run free. The children have loved watching the chicks grow and really enjoyed looking after them. Some children got chance to hold the chicks and then we have created lots of different representations of them. 

The fire brigade came to visit a class in our school. We thought it would be a good opportunity to find out all about what fire fighters do.

They even let us wear the safety hats. See at how great we look!