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Year 5

 Independent learning -  Username: student30822 password:spring1


If you are isolating, please also check MyMaths where you will find some tasks that have been set for you.

Make sure that you can remember this key information about converting measures.

compare volume    (answers)

estimate capacity  (answers)

number sequences with fractions      questions       answers

add and subtract fractions               questions       answers

rounding          negative numbers          problem solving           Roman Numerals           addition and subtraction          

area and perimeter         square numbers video, square numbers quiz

Create shapes with different areas and perimeters with this game.


If you are isolating, please also check SPAG.com

Use these images to inspire any piece of writing you wish.

Look at these forest fires, think about the consequences of deforestation and write a persuasive letter to companies who are contributing to it.

Synonyms and antonyms: activity, quiz

KS2 spelling games, spelling pattern games

Read these texts and complete the quizzes to keep your reading comprehension skills fresh:

 Watership Down                        The Butterfly Lion                                The Demon Headmaster             A Dog Called GRK

The BFG                                     The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog            The Lost Happy Endings             Ivan the terrible

Mental and emotional health 

Watch this video to see what happens in our brain when we feel different emotions - try some of the techniques in the video next time you 'flip your lid'.

Watch this video to understand why it is important to 'be present in the moment'

These documents will help you support your child with their reading:

Reading information for parents

Top tips for reading at home with your child

A bookmark with reading questions

We hope you have liked exploring our webpage, you can use our guestbook to make a comment about our webpage, our learning or ask a question (remember to check back here for the answer though), from all of Year 5.

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