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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 6

Updated: 22.05.2020

Online learning

Week 7 (18.05.2020 - 22.05.2020)

You can send any completed work (for any subject) to me to read/have a look at. You can also send in photographs of anything you've made.

Send your work to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

Remember to write Year 6 and your name in the subject, so the school knows who it's from.



The National Academy - click on each lesson to have a go - 

Add fractions 

Subtract fractions

Fractions problem solving


White Rose Maths home learning -

Click here for Lesson 1-4 - open Summer Term week 4.

For each lesson, watch the video. You can download the activity worksheets below.

Lesson 1 - Multiply fractions by integers (click here for activity), Lesson 2 - Multiply fractions by fractions (click here for activity), Lesson 3 - Divide fractions by integers (click here for activity), Lesson 4 - Fractions of an amount (click here for activity)

Here are the answers for the White Rose worksheets - Lesson 1Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4

'Simplify fractions' game (select option 12) - click here




The National Academy - click on each lesson to have a go -

Compare and classify quadrilaterals

Unknown angles in quadrilaterals

Coordinate positions on a grid


Testbase - Unknown angles reasoning - click here

Have a go at this game to practise plotting coordinates - click here

MyMaths ‘Coordinates 2 - negative’ - click here to have a go at the lesson and activity     click this guide to help you with logging into and using MyMaths


Daily revision and challenges

BBC Bitesize Daily - click here to access the daily Maths lesson

Have a go at these Maths challenges (there’s a new one uploaded every Friday) - click here


General activities

Word of the Day - click here to learn a new word every day - have a go at using it in a sentence

Poetry -

Last week, you read the poem ‘Dragon Song’, which uses figurative language (similes and metaphors).

Click here to read it.

This week, have a go at writing your own poem (or a verse) about an animal of your choice (remember you can link this to our current History/Science topic) - click here to listen to some poems about animals.

Focus on using figurative language to describe your animal in an exciting and mysterious way, taking into account the characteristics of the animal. Watch this video and read the information to help you.



Words containing the letter-string ough.

click here for the word list     - click here for spelling games


Reading comprehension

The National Academy - 

This week's reading focus is diary entries - try Lesson 1 and a Lesson 2



Modal verbs: watch the animation (number 7 in the list) and have a go at the quiz (number 8/9 in the list) - click here


Daily Revision

BBC Bitesize Daily - click here to access the daily English lesson



Read any online book this week from the following websites (see the Reading Challenge below): - Oxford Owl (sign up for free)      FunBrain (free)  or listen to any story from Audible - click here to access Audible Stories (free whilst schools are closed)

Reading activities and questions: click here for activities    click here for questions/prompts

Daily free audio story from David Walliams' The World's Worst Children - click here to listen



Literacy Shed - ‘Broken: rock, paper, scissors’


Remember to base your dialogue on the two key areas you’ve worked on in Y5/Y6:

  • The dialogue should show us what the characters are thinking, feeling and what’s motivating them (conveying character).
  • The dialogue should create action, such as a decision being made and move the story along in some way (advancing action).

This PowerPoint will help you with both areas.


I’m looking forward to reading your writing. Make sure to send your writing into me via office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk - have a go at typing it up if you can.

Click here for the Year 6 writing checklist used by teachers


Memories of School

As your time at primary school comes to an end, I want you to start thinking about your time at Spring Grove and how much you’ve achieved.

Have a go at this activity, thinking about what you remember from each year at primary school - click here

You don't have to use this specific sheet - you can present your memories in any way you like. For example, you might like to create a poster or a PowerPoint presentation. 

Make sure to send your completed document to me at office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

I'm really looking forward to reading about all your memories.


Future Family Plans - click here to have a go at this activity from last week


Current topic: Evolution and Inheritance


  1. For the final week, have a read through these facts about the Theory of Evolution - click here

Write a paragraph or create a mind map summarising the following -

  • 3 things you have learnt about ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.
  • The most interesting thing you’ve learnt.
  • What more you’d like to find out about the Theory of Evolution.
  • Aim to use the keywords you have learnt throughout this topic - click here for a word bank to help you with your vocabulary   


  1. Inheritance and characteristics - watch this video and read the information to recap

Create a poster showing the characteristics you’ve inherited from your mother and those you’ve inherited from your father. You can use photographs to make it more interesting!


  1. To extend your learning, have a go at the following lesson ‘What are the different animal kingdoms?’ - click here. You can recap ‘classification’ and learn about ‘evolutionary trees’.


Practical science - have a go at another one of these fun activities with an adult.

Make sure you ask an adult to help you.

Take a photo of something you've tried and send it to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk


This week, think about what may have caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs.

Read this fact sheet again, focusing on the section ‘What happened to the dinosaurs?’ - click here

Think about the different theories suggested about the extinction of dinosaurs -

Read this information

Watch this video

a. Answer the following questions:

  1. What suggestions/theories are there for how the period of dinosaurs came to an end and what caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
  2. What are the sources/evidence scientists have used to back up their theories?

b. Have a go at creating your own fact sheet all about the extinction of dinosaurs, using the above information.


Remember to send your work in to me via office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk 


Learn all about sustainability. Watch the video and read the information. Have a go at the quiz at the end of the page  - click here

Next, have a go at this activity - click here


Scratch: ‘Animate a Name’ - click on tutorial 6

Have a go at one of the mini missions from the Abstractionsection on page 2 (remember to read about what the activity is helping you learn’ - click here

Continue learning how to touch type - click here

Remember to type up activities from this week and take pictures of what you've been doing to send to me via office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk


Ramadan is coming to an end soon and Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr.

Read about the importance of Eid al-Fitr and how it links to Ramadan. Think about why Muslims thank God - click here     - you can also learn some facts from this PowerPoint.

Thinking about the values of Eid, create an ‘Eid Mubarak’ acrostic poem - use this template to help you.

Remind yourself of what an acrostic poem is - click here

Here is some vocabulary for each letter of the alphabet, to help you write your poem.

Read this poem for some inspiration.

You can use the poem on an Eid card to give to someone.

You can also read about how Eid is celebrated around the world - click here

Type your poem up and send it to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk


Continue your learning on 'advertising jingles'.

Click here for the activity

Click here to sing along to some fun and familiar songs from school!


Daily P.E. lesson - P.E. with Joe - click here

Healthy Hearts - try this circuit activity: click here for the video      click here for the activity sheet

Make sure you ask an adult to help you set this activity up.


Have a go at following this recipe to make Eid biscuits - click here


Make your dinosaur board game -

This week, you can construct your board game. Remember to use your ideas from the previous weeks. Also, think about the materials you listed out. You will probably need the following materials: cardboard (use an old cardboard box), paper, pencil, ruler, pens.

You can use this template for a dice - click here

Here are some board game templates you can use: 1      2      3

Take a picture of your final board game and send it to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

Make sure to continue researching about dinosaurs and prehistoric life for the theme of your board game - click here


Have a go at this fun lesson on optical illusions and using shading - click here

Remember to send your creations in to me via office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk



The Hare and the Tortoise - Le Lièvre et la Tortue

Listen to the story in French - click here

Next, read through the following PowerPoint, thinking carefully about the vocabulary from the story - click here

Task - Have a go at rewriting the story in your own words in French. Bonne Chance!

Type up your story in French and send it to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk


Practise French on BabelZone - Unit 4 - Portraits - click here

The username and password for BabelZone have been sent to you via SchoolPing.

Duolingo - click here to sign up to Duolingo (free) and continue learning French


Watch Newsround every day - click here   Have a go at the Newsround Quiz of the Week - click here


Extra daily lessons:

Click here for BBC Bitesize Daily

Click here for daily lessons from The National Academy


If you have any questions/comments, you can submit them here. I will respond to you as soon as possible (keep checking back on the guestbook). Thank you, Mrs Ayaaz

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Replying to Ismaeel Khaliq: Thank you Ismaeel. I hope you enjoyed Eid. I will let you know next week if I’ve received it (once the office opens after the holidays).

Ismaeel khaliq(less than a week ago)

Hi Miss hope you have a lovely Eid. I will resend it today

Mrs. Ayaaz(less than a week ago)

Replying to Ismaeel Khaliq: Thank you for the lovely Eid card Ismaeel. Eid Mubarak to you and your family. I’ve checked with the office and they haven’t received your writing. Please could you email the work in again? Thank you.

Ismaeel khaliq(less than a week ago)

Hi Miss yes I sent them Wednesday

Mrs. Ayaaz(less than a week ago)

Replying to Ismaeel Khaliq: Hi Ismaeel. I hope you’re well. I haven’t received anything yet. The office might not have forwarded them on to me yet. Did you send the work in yesterday?

Ismaeel khaliq(about a week ago)

Hi Miss Ayaaz hope you are well- did you receive my work. I sent descriptive writing and Broken : Rock Paper and Scissors

Mrs. Ayaaz(about a week ago)

Replying to Ali: Hi Ali. I hope you’re well. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just sent your login details to you via SchoolPing. I hope this helps.

Ali(about a week ago)

Hello Miss Ayaaz I hope you have a good day and I forgot my mymaths school username and password

Mrs. Ayaaz(about a week ago)

Replying to Ismaeel Khaliq: Thank you Ismaeel - I’m keeping well. That’s great - I’m looking forward to reading it.

Ismaeel khaliq(about a week ago)

Hi miss I am doing well - I hope you are well to.- I am amending my Broken: Rock Paper Scissors writing I will send it later on once its completed

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Please scroll down to access activities from the previous week.


To maintain a routine (Monday - Friday), here is a timetable you can use as a guide for how to structure daily home learning, whilst the school is closed. Above, you'll find all the activities/links for the current week. Activities from previous weeks can also be downloaded via the link below.

Daily SPaG Question:


Please click here for the previous question

Here is a reading challenge to keep you busy over the next few weeks. How many boxes can you complete?


Examining artefacts and sources


This term, Year 6 have worked hard to increase their knowledge on the Indus Valley Civilisation by examining artefacts and reading through different sources. Through this, they have been able to understand more about what life may have been like in the Indus Valley and why the civilisation eventually came to an end. 

Have a look at our slideshow below!



DT - building a theatre


For one of their DT units this term, Year 6 researched how a Cam toy would work and had a go at building a theatre using wood, which incorporated a cam mechanism. They had to use many skills, including developing a design and prototype, choosing appropriate materials, measuring, sawing, strengthening their framework and evaluating their product. Alongside these skills, they had to work well as a team in order to create a successful product.


You can see below just how hard they worked. 



2020 - The Year of the Rat


We had a great time creating Chinese New Year decorations for our school. 

Have a look at our great decorations.


Music - soundtrack for a movie

In music this week, we listened to the soundtrack for a Charlie Chaplin film ‘The Lion’s Cage’. We used the music as a starting point for our own story. We planned a new soundtrack for our story. Now we are recording the new soundtrack using Garage Band. 


DT - Cam mechanisms

In DT, Year 6 have been learning about cam mechanisms, which are mechanisms that convert one type of motion (circular) into another (up-and-down). We looked at how cam toys use hand-powered mechanisms to generate movement and created our own fantastic simple cam mechanisms, which you can see below. The task required patience and care, as well as good teamwork skills. 


Science - making periscopes


Year 6 have been busy making periscopes, to help them understand how light is reflected.

Have a look at how well we did, below!


Macbeth - oil pastel drawings


As we really enjoyed sketching the witches from Macbeth, we created some more Macbeth-related artwork - this time creating oil pastel drawings of the heath where Macbeth and Banquo encounter the three witches. 


Science - How light travels


This half term, our Science topic is all about understanding light, which includes learning about how light travels and how we see. For our first science lesson, we created human models showing how light from a light source travels in straight lines, reflects off an object and then enters our eyes, allowing us to see the object. Have a look at our fantastic models below.



Charcoal sketches - Macbeth: The Three Witches



This half term, Year 6 will be focusing on Macbeth and as part of their topic exploration, they looked at how the three witches are described in the book. The most exciting part of this exploration was creating a sketch of the witches, using charcoal. The children really enjoyed this activity and as you can see from their fantastic artwork below, they put a great amount of effort into their sketches.  




Year 6 would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Check out our calendars for 2020 below!



Modelling Clay - Micro-organisms 


Year 6 had a fantastic time creating 'animated' versions of micro-organisms using modelling clay. 

After drawing their ideas, the children brought their designs to life by using different techniques and striking colours, which complement each other. 

Have a look at our fantastic creations below!



The Cat and Mouse Song - using our own instruments


We practised playing the song and musical accompaniment in small groups.  Each group had a leader called the conductor.

We had to concentrate hard so that we could follow the music and also listen to each other and stay together.  Our music sounded much better after we had practised it a few times!



Family Day 2019 - Bin Bag Fashion

As you can see below, we had a fantastic time at our Family Day. The children's bin bag creations were incredible!

A big thank you to all the parents/family members who took part in the event!  We hope you had fun.



Holy Trinity Church - Advent Event

We’ve all seen Advent Calendars in supermarkets and bought them, but not everyone knows what ‘Advent’ actually is.
We were lucky enough to be invited to an event at Holy Trinity Church to learn all about ‘Advent’ and why it’s important to Christians. As you can see, we took part in many different activities and really enjoyed ourselves.



 The Cat and Mouse Song

 We've been practising the 'Cat' song with Mrs Rivers. Just listen to how good we sound now!



Spread of Infection - Hand Hygiene

Currently, Year 6 are learning about micro-organisms. There is so much to learn and this week we have focused particularly on how important hand hygiene is in preventing the spread of infection. We carried out an investigation, where we observed how germs can be passed on, depending on whether and how we wash our hands. We split up into four groups and the lead person covered their hands in oil and glitter (to represent germs). Each child then shook hands with the person behind them, to see how far the ‘germs’ travel. One of the groups didn’t wash their hands at all, the second group washed their hands with cold water, the third washed with warm water and the fourth washed with warm water and soap. We found that washing our hands with warm water and soap was the best way to remove harmful bacteria from our hands. 



Faiths, cultures and values in our community


We went for a walk around our community to see what evidence we could find of different faiths, cultures and values. We spotted different places of worship, as well as shops and community centres, which told us a lot about the community in which in we live.

You can see some of the photographs we took for evidence, below.



Creating atmosphere in writing - 'Mill Girl'

Year 6 have been working really hard to make sure their writing in English is engaging and exciting for the reader.
This includes creating atmosphere, which involves using powerful language to set the mood in a piece of writing. The children have written excellent diary entries, detailing a gruesome accident of a sibling/friend at the mill in which they work. Have a look at some of the excerpts from our incredible diary entries. You’ll definitely be impressed by how well the children have created a tense and sombre mood in their writing!



The Cat and Mouse Song

In their Music lesson this week, Year 6 learned the Cat and Mouse song with Mrs Rivers.  It is in two parts, so we had to maintain our own part.

We sang the ‘Cat’ song, then we practised a musical accompaniment to add texture. We played triangles, cymbals, bells and guiros. We had to follow the graphic score very carefully.




In RE, we have been focusing on exploring the different values that people might have and how people have different ideas about what is important. Year 6 took part in a game where they had to work as a team to decide on how they would arrange a set of values based on their importance. This activity really allowed us to talk about our life experiences and what matters to us, as well as why different values might matter to certain people.


You can see us playing the game below and our final decisions.


Anti-Bullying Week 2019 

At Spring Grove, the children know how important it is to tackle bullying. This year the theme of Anti-Bullying week was “Change Starts With Us”. The ideas is that we have to take a collective responsibility to stop bullying, which means that we have to work together to make sure that bullying is dealt with. To show their support for Anti-Bullying Week, Year 6 have written letters in the role of an Agony Aunt, responding to victims of bullying who need help. Year 6 also carried out some role play to help them empathise with victims of bullying and wrote pledges about how they could make a difference. Have a look at the slideshow below to see all the fantastic work we’ve been doing.


Rangoli Patterns

As Year 6 absolutely love learning about and celebrating festivals from all cultures, we had a go at making our own Rangoli Patterns for Diwali.

Firstly, we made our stencils by cutting out the designs we wanted. Next, we used chalk pastels to go around our stencil and then we used our fingers to create a soft, smudged finish.

Below, you can see the process and some of our finished pieces.




Year 6 have really enjoyed their Science lesson this week, as they had the chance to construct electrical circuits. They conducted an investigation to see how the number of cells in a circuit affect the brightness of a bulb. Year 6 had to make sure that they were carrying out a ‘fair test’, where only one variable was changed during the investigation.

Have a look at how much fun we had!



Performing as an Orchestra

Year 6 are continuing to develop their musical skills in Mrs Rivers' lessons. Below, you can see them playing William Tell Overture by Rossini. Their orchestra was composed of 3 parts: drums, woodblocks and triangles. 


Bradford Industrial Museum

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Bradford Industrial Museum, this week.

Year 6 started the day with a workshop – ‘Weaving in the Mill’. As part of this workshop, they learnt about the different processes used in wool production and even had a go at some of the jobs children their age would have to do when working in a mill.

We then had the chance to explore the roles of the different machines – this really gave us an idea of what a Victorian Mill would sound like.

Below, you can see some of the activities Year 6 took part in, as well as the features of the museum.


Polystyrene Tile Printing

As part of their current topic, Year 6 have been learning about the 19th century textile designer, William Morris. They have created stunning prints inspired by William Morris’ designs, which often featured bold floral patterns.

They created these prints using polystyrene tiles and used different colours to create an ‘ombre’ style, to add their own twist.

You can see the wonderful process in the slideshow below, as well as our final William Morris Display.




The Industrial Revolution

Like true historians, Year 6 spent the afternoon researching what life would've been like during the Industrial Revolution, using secondary sources.

They discovered that for many people, the living conditions were terrible as cities were dirty and cramped.

They also learnt how factories, overpopulation and lack of sanitation caused pollution in industrial towns.


Have a look at our slideshow below to see the different sources we used to help us conduct our research. 





Week 1/ 'Well done' song

 Year 6 have started the year with an incredibly positive and responsible attitude. 

We are all really looking forward to a brilliant year ahead and are excited about all the fun activities and events Year 6 will take part in. 


This week, Year 6 were tasked with composing a brand new 'Well done' song for our Celebration Assembly, which takes place on Wednesdays. 

As you can see below, they worked really hard on this and are on their way to creating a lovely song we can all share.