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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

01.07.19 - Sports Day

 Year 5 had a fantastic time taking part in all the Sports Day activities.

Have a look at our slideshow below to see how much fun we had. The potato & spoon race was definitely the trickiest! 

28.06.19 – Arabic Music

Our topic this half term is all about Early Islamic Civilisation, which includes exploring the Arabic culture. In Music this week, Year 5 had a go at composing a musical accompaniment to an Arabic song called ‘Tik tik tik’.  They composed music with three layers and they recorded it on a graphic score. 

Have a look at the slideshow and video below to see how hard Year 5 worked in their Music lesson with Mrs. Rivers.

19.06.19 – ‘Carry my Story’ Finale


After months of learning about our own identity and the identity of others, our school linking project ‘Carry my Story’ finally came to an end with a fantastic finale event, which 15 Year 5 children attended. Year 5 did an amazing job presenting their stories at the event.

They were confident, well-behaved and respectful towards all others; they represented Spring Grove extremely well.

You can watch our presentation of Trude Silman’s story below – the children read a poem dedicated to her, followed by a retelling of her story in their own words.

We then presented Mr. Sangha’s story, which was very emotional as his family members were also at the event. They were very pleased as they felt that Year 5 had presented his story beautifully.

Overall, Year 5 have had an amazing time completing this project. We have all learnt about our own identity, the identity of our community and how we can all live together peacefully. Through learning about and listening to the stories of others, Year 5 have really understood the importance of respecting people of all backgrounds and welcoming those who are seeking sanctuary.  

Have a look at our pictures and video below.

You can also see some pictures of our link school’s display (Flockton C of E First School). Their tables were beautifully decorated and they had presented Hawsah Delair’s story (the mother of one of our children).


Refugee Week 2019 

As part of Refugee Week, Year 4 and Year 5 showcased the stories of refugees and migrants who they’d learnt about this year. Year 5 have been learning about other people’s identity and life through their stories as part of the ‘Carry my Story’ project, which started at the beginning of the year.

Year 5 presented two stories: the story of Trude (an inspirational Holocaust survivor) and the story of Mr Sangha (a man who came from India at a young age and built a successful life in England). Learning about these special people has been an extremely amazing experience for Year 5, as we have learnt how important it is to spread messages of respect and peace.

Year 5 have been committed to helping Spring Grove gain recognition as a ‘School of Sanctuary’, which has involved learning about refugees and understanding how we can all live happily in a diverse community and help others feel safe. We are hoping to create more awareness in our school and community about refugees and asylum-seekers.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to see our exhibition today. We are looking forward to presenting our stories at the ‘Carry my Story’ finale tomorrow.

Have a look at our wonderful pictures below.




Ramadan/Eid Performance

A Present for Layla


After working hard for the last 2 weeks, Year 5 performed their play for all of Spring Grove. Many parents also came to watch our play. We hope you all enjoyed it and we’d like to thank everyone for supporting us.

The children had a fantastic time performing for everyone – they’re happy that all their hard work paid off.



 As part of their Design and Technology topic, Year 5 researched, designed and made catapults, using lollipop sticks, rubber bands and a plastic spoon.

They evaluated their final product by measuring how far their catapult could launch an object. 

Have a look at our fantastic catapults below.  


Special Stories from our Community

Recently, Year 5 received a visit from Mrs. Delair - one of our children's parents. She shared a special story about her childhood and the hardship she faced at the age of 4, when she left her home in Iraq to seek refuge in Iran. This was due to the Iraqi-Kurdish conflict and her family made the decision to leave Iraq as they feared for their safety. 

Year 5 were very inspired by Mrs. Delair's story because she was so resilient and brave, even when her life was tough. 

Year 5 believe that it is important to listen to other people's stories as their life experiences can teach you many things about the world. 

The gallery below shows pictures from the visit. We were very lucky to have Mrs. Delair come in and share her story with us. 


Our visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Last week, we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park and we had a fantastic time.

Year 5 really enjoyed seeing the different animals and learnt many interesting facts about them. They also took part in a brilliant workshop, in which they learnt about endangered animals and handled items which had been confiscated at airports as they were made from the fur/skin of endangered animals.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see all of our wonderful photos from the day.

Which animal is your favourite?



Ancient Greek-style Clay Pots

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks and have worked hard to make clay pots inspired by Ancient Greek pottery.

The children had fun creating their unique clay pots and learnt new skills, such as how to join two pieces of clay together.

Have a look at the gallery and slideshow below to see how amazing Year 5's clay pots turned out. 


British Science Week 2019

As part of British Science Week 2019 (8th March – 17th March), Year 5 investigated the effects of air resistance. After reading some information about air resistance, Year 5 were asked to work in groups to find the best design for a new parachute. The perfect parachute would be the one which falls the slowest, when dropped from a height.


First of all, Year 5 had to ensure they were carrying out a fair test. As they were observing the time taken for the parachutes to fall to the ground (the dependent variable), the different groups had to decide on the one thing they would change about their parachute each time (the independent variable). Some groups decided to change the material of the parachute, others changed the size of the parachute and some changed the shape of their parachute. They then had to make sure that everything else about their parachutes was kept the same (the controlled variables).


We had a great time dropping the parachutes and seeing how the independent variable affected each group’s parachutes. It really helped us understand the effects of air resistance.




Year 5 really enjoyed using the ‘lego printing’ technique in Art, to create pictures of objects, patterns and book characters. ‘Lego printing’ involves brushing paint/ink onto lego pieces and then using the lego pieces as ‘stamps’, by pressing them down onto a piece of paper.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see all of the lovely artwork created by Year 5!

For World Book Day, Year 5 dressed as their favourite book characters. We held a parade where the children had an opportunity to show their outfits off to the entire school. Have a look at the gallery below to see all of the wonderful, creative outfits worn by the children in Year 5. 

As part of the 'Out of this World' unit in Autumn, Year 5 created artwork inspired by the artist Peter Thorpe.They created a vibrant background using  the 'tissue paper bleeding' technique and added space-related objects over the background. You can see their amazing artwork below!

DigitalXRAID at Spring Grove for a Cyber Security Talk

As part of Safer Internet Day 2019, Year 5 had a visit from two experts from DigitalXRAID – a cyber security company.

They enjoyed their talk from Saif (Digital Marketing Manager) and Fraser (Ethical Hacker), who discussed various aspects of Internet Safety with the children. This mainly included the importance of using strong passwords and the many dangers associated with having weak passwords.

The children were informed of what weak passwords look like and were shown a list of the Top 10 weakest passwords used by people in 2018. Many of these were shocking to see and the children were very interested in ensuring that they use stronger passwords, moving forward.

Fraser provided the children with a number of useful tips to help them create strong passwords.

We then held a competition in class to see which child could create the strongest password, using the tips provided. These were then judged by Saif and Fraser.

Overall, the children had a fantastic time during the talk and learnt a great deal about the importance of using strong passwords.

Safer Internet Day 2019 - Cyber Security Talk

In January, Year 5 were invited to the University of Huddersfield to take part in the Holocaust Memorial Day Event, to show their support for refugees and survivors of genocide, as well as to remember those who have lost their lives. 

Year 5 designed lanterns for the event, on which they had written messages of hope, peace and kindness towards others. They presented these lanterns at the University Event, as well as in the KS2 school assembly. 

Year 5

Year 5 have had lots of fun learning about planets.

They have used lots of different sources, including planet songs, like the one below: