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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 3

Look at the work completed by year 3 children in the last 2 weeks




Write a comment below in the guestbook year 3 and I will reply to it, thank you

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Ibrahim(a couple of months ago)

I am so glad you are our teacher in year 4

Moath(a couple of months ago)

thank you for your comfortble video and i am realy happy that you are my teacher

Mr Sarwar replying to Rafia(a couple of months ago)

Hello Rafia, I hop you are okay? Good to see that you are happy about your teacher being Mr Sarwar next year, thank you. I think everyone can't wait to get back to school. Keep working hard at home.

Rafia Mahmood(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mr Sarawar yaaayyyyyy your my teacher next year as well im sooo happy. Can't wait to come back to school

Replying to Mariam(a couple of months ago)

Hello Mariam, I hope you are okay. Thank you and glad that you are happy that Mr Sarwar is your teacher next year. It will be nice to have you and the rest of the children in my class for next year. Keep working hard at home unti then Mariam.

Mr Sarwar replying to Aamina(a couple of months ago)

Hello Aamina, I hope you are well, thank you for saying you are happy that I will be your teacher next year, it will be nice to have you in the class as well. Keep working hard at home and look after yourself.

Mr Sarwar replying to Ismail(a couple of months ago)

Hello Ismail, I hope you are keeping well. Yes I did enjoy watching your science video, well done. Thank you for saying that you are happy with Mr Sarwar being your teacher next year, it will be nice to have our maths wizard (Ismail) in the class as well. Hopefully we can do more fun learning when we are back in September. Keep working hard at home until then.

Mr sarwar replying to Aleeza(a couple of months ago)

Hello Aleeza, I hope you are okay. Thank you for your kind comment and good to know that you want to come back to school, it will be nice to have you in the class with the rest of the children so we can continue with our fun learning.Keep working hard at home until then.

Maryam Abbas year3(a couple of months ago)

I am so glad you are our teacher again Mr Sarwar.

Mr Sarwar replying to Noah(a couple of months ago)

I am happy you had a good week Noah, so did I, Yess! Liverpool won the league and Noah is in my class again. Keep working hard, Noah.

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 Spend some time practising your times tables/get your adult to test you or visit https://ttrockstars.com/

Try these activities if you are bored - Click Here

Breathing and Exercise Activities - Click Here

Complete some of the outdoor activities during the summer holidays - see below 


 Summer 2 Week 7 Home Learning - 13.7.20

Hello Year 3, I hope you are well and have had a good weekend, Wow! Can you believe that this is our last week before the summer holidays. I would like you to complete as much as you can this week and then enjoy your summer holidays. I have included some activities ( see above) that you can attempt during the holidays especially the following

timetables (keep visiting timetable rock-stars)

reading regularly

some writing (can be anything at all that interests you)

Maths work (mymaths website, I have added extra for you to have a go) 

Work to be emailed back to school 

Can you please make sure you email your persuasive write up protecting our oceans

You can also send one of the following tasks or photos if you like - the art, D.T. or R.E. work about inspirational people or photos/videos of your science investigation and any other activities you have done at home - Thank you




What am I outdoor treasure hunt activity -  Click Here

 Outdoor-Maths-Trail-Cards - Click Here

Nature-walk-scavenger-hunt - Click Here


Watch this video to help you talk about mental Health -  Click Here

Download these activities about being appreciative to help you with your well-being - Click Here

7-well-being-activities-for-7-days - Click Here

Try to spend sometime completing the OUTDOOR LEARNING ACTIVITIES and WELL-BEING ACTIVITIES

Click Here to download this to help you and your child if you are feeling anxious about leaving your house 

or visit this website  Click Here 

MATHS – 13.7.20

Watch Summer Term Week 11 Lesson 1 - Measure mass (1)

Need more help - Click Here OR Click Here

Complete the worksheets after the lesson True or False –  Click Here

Worksheet – Click Here

Answers - Click Here


Watch Summer Term Week 11 Lesson 2 - Measure mass (2)

Need some help then  click the link below  Click Here OR Click Here

Complete the worksheet after the lesson True or False - Click Here 

Worksheet – Click Here

Answers -  Click Here 


Watch Summer Term Week 11 Lesson 3 - Compare mass

Need some help then  - Click Here OR Click Here

Complete the worksheet after the lesson  True or False - Click Here  

Worksheet – Click Here

Answers - Click Here


Watch Summer Term Week 11 Lesson 4 - Add and subtract mass

Need some help then -  Click Here

Complete the worksheet after the lesson True or False - Click Here 

Worksheet – Click Here

Answers - Click Here


Revise your work on Shapes and Time

Click Here - Play Games on TopMarks

Click Here - Capacity

Or Cool Maths - Click Here

Click here to play football Maths Games

More Practice needed then have a go at some work on shapes and time in your Year 3 CGP

Spend some time practicing your times tables/get your adult to test you or visit https://ttrockstars.com/

Click Here for activities on MyMaths


ENGLISH - 13.7.20

Writing Work for week beginning 13th July 2020

This week I would like you to write a persuasive text about why it is important stop polluting the Oceans.

What is a persuasive text – Download this PowerPoint – Click Here

Use all the ideas from this week and last week to help you

Video about plastic in the Ocean - Click Here

Watch this story about pollution in the Oceans - Click Here

From last week- To help with work this week

Use facts from here to help with your writing this week if you did not write any last week

Complete this activity about stop polluting the Ocean - Click Here

Download this PowerPoint to learn more about Plastic Pollution in our Oceans – Click Here

Click on the images below to help with your English Writing this week

Image 1 and 2 is to help and give you ideas of how to organise and structure your paragraphs

Image 3 is an example of persuading people to recycle

Image 4 is an example of persuading people to stop plastic pollution


Year 3 have a go at some of these which are linked to our topic

RIDDLES - Click Here


PUZZLES - Click Here 



Spellings for the week – science scene discipline fascinate crescent ascent scent descent scissors

Spelling Rule 18 - words with the /s/ sound spelt sc (Latin in origin) (e.g. science, ascent... etc.)  

Play spelling games -  Click Here 

Click here to play football spelling games


SPAG WORK- 13.7.20

Using bullet points Click Here

Revising subordinating conjunctions Click Here

Click Here - for a range of activities to help build your vocabulary


Reading-spend 15 minutes reading or listening to a story daily

Visit the national Academy website to learn about  reading comprehension and Language - Click Here

Complete the activities after you have watched the videos

Try this short comprehension plastics in the ocean – Click Here

Try this worlds ocean day comprehension - Click Here

Questions for worlds ocean day comprehension - Click Here

There are 3 different one ( 1 star, 2 star and 3 star - do which one you feel comfortable with or

you can do more than 1)

Download these books linked to our topic and enjoy reading them 

Download this non-fiction book about whales - Click Here

Download this leaflet about sharks and complete the activities - Click Here

Click here to listen to one online - Listen to a story

Click Here for Oxford Owl Home Learning e-books

Parents you will have to join the website to access the books although it is free



Download and have a go at these investigations

Try this bridges activity if you have the resources - Click Here

Ice, heat and oil investigation - Click Here

IMPORTANT - Please make sure an adult is watching/helping you when you attempt some

of these investigations - Thank you

 Revision Activities – Watch the videos and complete the activities

 What is the circulatory system? Click Here What is in your blood? Click Here

What are blood vessels? Click Here How does your heart work? Click Here



The topic this term is about the World's Oceans, their locations and Habitats that exist in the Oceans

 Try some of these activities - Click Here

Revision Activities - Biomes – Click Here


COMPUTING - How to be safe on the internet

Practise coding skills - Click Here

Learn about online communication – Download lesson 5 PowerPoint - Click Here

Complete the online communication Activity - Click Here

Touch Typing skill Practice 

Email office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk with your writing from English and R.E.

Email/Send pictures or photos to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk 

activities/play/work that you have been doing at home 


R.E. - TOPIC SUMMER 2 - Who can inspire us?

Download the PowerPoint and read the lesson - Click Here

Complete the task using your notes from last week after reading the power-point



  Revision of what has been taught this year

Power-point presentation of the main characters in Harry Potter - Click Here

Test your French knowledge  with the ID KS2 - Click Here

Fill in your French passport - Click Here

Click here to access 'Babelzone' and practice your French

usernamegyver10  password - Benjamin10Practise Unit 13 - Linguascope



Try some of these challenges at home - Click Here

Keep Physically active -  Click Here

Try these Outdoor and Adventurous Activities at Home Click Here


ART- As we our learning about the Oceans of the World, the Art will also be linked to this theme

Visit these website for some fantastic art and craft ideas linked to Oceans

Click Here OR Click Here

Design-Your-Own-Sea-Creature - Click Here

Please send your pictures to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk


Felt Sea Creatures Picture-Craft Instructions - Click Here



Learn What is texture - Click Here

Click Here - Have a go at the music quiz

Visit our school song page and sing along to your school favourites Click Here


Rights Respecting Charter (RSS) AND PHSCE

Read First News and discuss with an adult/parent - Click Here

Look at this PowerPoint and guess the article - Click Here

Can you make a poster about this article and send it to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

PHSCE -  Click Here – Listen to kids radio online

Click Here – Learn about how we see in 3D

Previous Work

Download Summer 2 Week 1 - Click Here

Download Summer 2 Week 2 - Click Here

Download Summer 2 Week 3 - Click Here

Download Summer 2 Week 4 - Click Here

Download Summer 2 Week 5 - Click Here

Download Summer 2 Week 6 - Click Here

Download Summer 2 Week 7 - Click Here

Mr Clarkson and Mrs Matheson's Group - Summer 2 Week 7

Phonics and Spellings

Year 1 - Spelling Rule Year 1 34 - Common exception words (2)

of said says are were
 Write them down and say aloud
Can you say and write a sentence with the words
Spellings -  Year 1 Rule 34 -  Click Here to practice and play Spelling Games

Focus on phase 4 - Click Here 

Extra spellings linked to our topic - beach, crab, sun, flag

 Reading, writing and listening to Stories - Spend 15 minutes

reading or listening to a story everyday

Writing - Write some sentences using this picture about the Ocean and it's animals - Click Here

Dangers at the beach  -  There are 9 hazards in this picture, can you find them all, why are they hazards.

 Download this matching sheet - Match the words with pictures - Click Here

Read this book about seals by yourself - Click Here

Ask an adult to help you read this story about penguins - Click Here

Reading Click Here for Oxford Owl Home Learning e-books  


Lesson 1 - Download PowerPoint about counting to 100 - Click Here
Complete worksheet on counting to 100 - Click Here
Answers - Click Here
Lesson 2- Download PowerPoint about Partitioning - Click Here
Complete worksheet on partitioning - Click Here
Answers - Click Here

Download addition sheet and complete - Click Here

Download these Maths puzzles -  Click Here

Click here to access MyMaths - Complete the two activities

Try some of the activities below

Look at year 3 work from summer 2 weeks 1 - 4

Well done year for working hard and producing some fantastic work

Year 3 have been writing reports about sea animals for their home-learning during summer term 2

Why don't you have a read?

Take a look at English, Art, D.T. and Science work by year three during summer term 2.

Well done for working hard, keep it up.

Year 3 have been writing scary stories during home-learning

Click Here to Download and Read - Year 3's Scary Stories 

Why don't you look at other childrens in the class and see what you think of their story so far



Year 3 have been learning about plants and making and writing leaflets during home-learning

Some children have planted their own seeds

Read year threes work by clicking here - The structure of the plant


Click here to enter Mymaths website and complete the activities by using your login details https://www.mymaths.co.uk/

Click here to enter the times table rock stars website and improve your multiplications by completing the activities 

Use your login details: https://ttrockstars.com/

Access this website to practise your spellings and play intercative spelling games https://spellingframe.co.uk

Practice your keyboard skills with dance mat typing

 Keep Physically active  - click here for a range of short workouts from the body coach



To access Twinkl Go click here and enter the code for the lesson shown below  http://twinkl.co.uk/go/sign-in

Previous Access Codes

Multiplcation check - Code - TU7120

Forces -  Code - WE7152

Fossils - Code - WE7152

 FA Cup Comprehension - Code VN5976

Click this link to access one free month of Twinkl Resources

Use the offer code below to use resources from the website

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We enjoyed sketching landmarks around Huddersfield, especially Castle Hill

To complete our learning on Ancient Egypt we created our very own canopic jars ready to keep our organs in!

We are Super Scientists in Year 3 and have been investigating the properties of light and figuring out how shadows are created.

We really enjoyed our visit to Bagshaw museum and learnt even more about the Ancient Egyptians. We are super Historians now!

We have enjoyed working as a team during our forest school sessions.