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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 3

Year 3 have been writing scary stories during home-learning

Click Here to Download and Read - Year 3's Scary Stories 

Why don't you look at other childrens in the class and see what you think of their story so far



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Ismail Iqbal(about a week ago)

The Romans were in Britain for nearly 500 years. They were experts at designing and building large buildings like castles and forts. Mosaics are still found in some of the buildings. In some Roman houses there is underfloor heating. It was designed by the Romans, they were clever people.

paramveer dhami(less than a month ago)

i learnt from the story that when you help someone you don't need to give any money to them i also learnt when you help someone and they say thank you it is a blessing to you and they appreciate it helping others makes their day and makes them feel happy

Mr Sarwar(less than a month ago)

Hello Ismail, I am fine thank you, I am also missing you and all the class Thank you for reading the Ramadan story and writing the comments, If you want you can send in pictures so that the other children in the class can also see what you have been doing Take care Ismail

Ismail Iqbal(less than a month ago)

Hi Mr Sawar, I hope you are well. I really miss you and my friends at school. My RE work is below. - Giving to others is important in Ramadhan. - You can give to a person by just helping them. - At the end of Ramadhan we celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr with our family and friends.

Hibbah Rafi(less than a month ago)

Romans used to wear a Togo on special occasions. Emperors collected tax from the villagers to build roads. The Romans build Hadrian's Wall. They built Arenas to watch Gladiators fight.

Mr Sarwar(less than a month ago)

Hello Hibbah and Param, thank you for your writing your facts about the Romans after watching the videos How have you found learning about the Romans?

Mr Sarwar(less than a month ago)

Hello Noah I have received your story but if there was other work that did not get sent please let me know. Noah please follow the instructions and help on the year 3 page to complete your work. The story powerpoint for the opening is there to help you. Please let me know if there are any more problems Thanks

Mr Sarwar(less than a month ago)

Hello Hamza, thank-you for your comment, it is good to hear that you are doing your work. If you can type up your story and email it to school I can put it on the year 3 page, if you can't then take a picture and send it. Hamza please follow the work I have put on the website by downloading the powerpoint for the story. I hope you are having a good Ramadhan. Please keep in touch by writing a comment when you need to.

Humza(less than a month ago)

HI how r you and your family hope you well and safe i have wrote a scary story in my book and i will try to do maths and English but for now i am carrying with my story Thank you hope you have a good day

Noah Farooq(less than a month ago)

Hello I am having problems sending work to the school email address office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk it is saying email box full what do I do

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Year 3 have been learning about plants and making and writing leaflets during home-learning

Some children have planted their own seeds

Read year threes work by clicking here - The structure of the plant

HOME LEARNING SUMMER 1 WEEK 5 - 18th - 22nd MAY 2020



EMAIL - office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk



Watch Week 4 Lesson 1 - Multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8

Need some help then  click the link below

Dividing by 4 Video

Watch Week 4 Lesson 2 - Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Need some help then  click the link below

Click Here

Watch week 4 Lesson 3 - Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

Need some help then  click the link below

Click Here OR Click Here

Watch Week Lesson 4 - Multiplication and division problem solving

Four Activities to complete  https://www.mymaths.co.uk/

Click here to play football Maths Games

Revise your work on Fractions from the last 2 week click below


More Practise needed then have a go at some money work in your Year 3 CGP

Spend some time practising your times tables/get your adult to test you or visit https://ttrockstars.com/

More Practise needed then have a go at some money work in your Year 3 CGP 


 Download  Year 3 Work on Poetry and Read The Garden Year Complete the Questions and Worksheet

Poetry Work - Click Here


Click Here - Story Ending Power Point

 Middle or Build up of the story

 Click Here  Story Opening PowerPoint

Remember to use capital letters especially for names and full stops and write in sentences

Type up the middle and email to office.spring@kirkleeseducation.uk

Spellings for the week – division Invasion confusion decision collision television erosion fusion passion pension

Spellings for the week – Spelling Rule 10 – Words Ending in ion

Click Here to go to spellings - Focus on Spellings Rule 10 - ion ending

Click here to play football spelling games

Click here for a range of activities to help build your vocabulary


Visit the national Academy website  -   Click Her for Adverbs 

Click Here to Learn about Using inverted commas to show speech

Complete the activities after you have watched the videos


Try a comprehension - See Science - Seeds and weeds

See History - Romans - Leisure Activities


Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading or listening to a story

Click Here for Oxford Owl Home Learning e-books

Parents you will have to join the website to access the books although it is free

Read a story or listen to a story by clicking here - listen to a story



Ideas for Gardening Projects for Children

Comprehension about seeds and weeds - Try any of the 3 comprehensions - Click Here

Want to learn more about plants or revisit your learning on Plants  Click here

Why not become a Plant Detective - Plant Detective - Click Here



Who stood against the Romans when they invaded Britain - Boudicca & the Roman Invasion

What was life like for Children in Roman times - Children in Roman Britain - Click Here

Click Here to learn about the Effect of the Roman Empire on Britain

 In the Guestbook can you write some of the effects of the Romans which are still here in Britain

Leisure Activities Reading Comprehension

Romans Wordsearch


Click Here to learn about Latitude and Longitude

After this play the Game to test your knowledge


 Touch Typing skill Practice

Want  to Improve your coding skills have a go at this activity

Are you smart when using the internet – Do you know about Internet Safety – Click Here

Email office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk of any activities/play/work that you have been doing at home

Email/Send  pictures or photos to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

of your Roman Villas and Roman Soldiers



Learn about the end of Ramadhan and Eid

Learn How Eid is celebrated - Click Here


Practise your French using this link   

Click here to access 'Babelzone' and practise your French

username - gyver10  password - Benjamin10 Practise Unit 4 - Adjectives

Learn how to describe people in  French by downloading activities below

Download PowerPoint Describing People to learn about describing people 

Complete activity on  Worksheet on describing


 Keep Physically active  - click here for a range of short workouts from the body coach

Need Extra Exercise Try this at Home

Download these cards for more ideas - Physical Games and Activities

Yoga video from Pennine Sports


Download these to create your own patterns - Mosaic Colouring Sheets

Download this Roman Mosaics Presentation to learn more about Roman Mosaics and make your own

Roman Posters- Use these to get ideas for drawing or sketching 



Make a Roman Soldier -  Roman Soldier

Make a Roman Villa - Click Here

Please send your pictures to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk


Learn what is Duration and Tempo in Music Click Here


Learn about being responsible for your Actions - Click Here




Mr Clarkson and Mrs Matheson's Group - Summer 1 Week 5

Spellings Summer 1 Week 5 - Spelling Rule 44 - The /f/ sound spelt ff 

whiff huff cliff sniff cuff puff off - Write them down and say aloud
Can you say and write a sentence with the words
Spellings -  Year 1 Rule 43 -  Click Here to practice and play Spelling Games
Maths Work
Download this PowerPoint - Click here - Teaches about Halves
At the top click 'Enable editiing' after it has opened and then press the button F5 to use it interactively
Mymaths - Complete activity on odd and even numbers and place value to 30 

8 - 9 Wake up Make your bed, help adults with breakfast and remember to brush your teeth and wash your hands
9 – 9.30 Physical Activity Watch the body coach on YouTube – link on the website. Make some of your warm-ups, the bean game
9.30 - 10.00 Spellings Learn and practice from the website Use the link to play spelling game
10 - 10.30 Maths

Follow lessons 1 and 2 on Fractions

Questions from MyMaths website – Link on Class Web-page

Mental Maths Workout Book CGP Year 3 Maths Targeted Question Book

10.30 – 11.00 Reading Read class reader or library book from school or a book from home Read or listen to a story online – Use link on Class Page
11.00 – 11.30 Practise your times tables Times-Tables Rockstars
11.30 - 12.00 English/Art

Year 3 Comprension Book

Write about plants using headings

12 – 1.00 LUNCHTIME Help prepare lunch and Clean up afterwards
1.00 – 1.30 History/Geography Topic work – Look on class page on the website
1.30 – 2.00 Science/French


Download PowerPoint 

2.00 – 2.30 Computing/R.E

Have a go at dance mat typing

Ramadhan comprehension

Watch Ramadhan Video

Work For Mr Clarkson and Mrs Matheson's Group Spring - Click Here to Download

Work For Mr Clarkson and Mrs Matheson's Group Summer 1 Week 2 and 3 - Click Here to Download

Work For Mr Clarkson and Mrs Matheson's Group Summer 1 Week 3 and 4 - Click Here to Download

Work For Mr Clarkson and Mrs Matheson's Group Summer Week 5 - Click Here to Download





Click here to enter Mymaths website and complete the activities by using your login details https://www.mymaths.co.uk/

Click here to enter the times table rock stars website and improve your multiplications by completing the activities 

Use your login details: https://ttrockstars.com/

Access this website to practise your spellings and play intercative spelling games https://spellingframe.co.uk

Practice your keyboard skills with dance mat typing

 Keep Physically active  - click here for a range of short workouts from the body coach



To access Twinkl Go click here and enter the code for the lesson shown below  http://twinkl.co.uk/go/sign-in

Previous Access Codes

Multiplcation check - Code - TU7120

Forces -  Code - WE7152

Fossils - Code - WE7152

 FA Cup Comprehension - Code VN5976

Click this link to access one free month of Twinkl Resources

Use the offer code below to use resources from the website




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We enjoyed sketching landmarks around Huddersfield, especially Castle Hill

To complete our learning on Ancient Egypt we created our very own canopic jars ready to keep our organs in!

We are Super Scientists in Year 3 and have been investigating the properties of light and figuring out how shadows are created.

We really enjoyed our visit to Bagshaw museum and learnt even more about the Ancient Egyptians. We are super Historians now!

We have enjoyed working as a team during our forest school sessions.