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Welcome to Year 3

Our clay flowers have now been glazed.  They're off to be fired in the kiln tomorrow.  We can't wait to see what the flowers will look like when they return!

Our trip to Bradley Woods was a huge success!  We created environmental art by smashing collected petals and flowers onto fabric and made journey sticks to remind us of the spaces we visited. The children loved working together to build dens. They were especially vocal during the campfire singing too. What a lot of laughter!

It was certainly a perfect way to spend the day : )  

We have been looking at shells and using a variety of mark makers to draw the shapes and patterns we can see.

Summer Term Learning

Should you find yourself at home, here are some links to keep you busy!

BBC Bitesize -

Interactive Maths games

Spelling Frame

Well Year 3, well done with all your effort and hard work during this lockdown and surviving the challenges of Remote Learning!  You should feel proud of yourselves as should your parents/adults who have supported you too.

From Monday 8th we will be returning back to school and you will get to see your friends again. (At long last!)

Please meet at 9:05am outside the main gate (like last term) wearing a mask.  Remember it's PE on Monday and Thursday so you will need to come dressed in your PE kit.  Please can I also ask that you return your completed reading book and signed Reading Record in your book bag.

Miss Mugo and I are really looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Take care,

Mrs Burgess : )

WORLD BOOK DAY - dressing up and having fun! Which costume do you think is the most inventive/creative?  It might be worn by someone you know or even a well-dressed potato!

Well done Aalia for sharing one of your favourite short stories from the World Book Day bingo activities.  I think you win the 'most creative place to read a story' so far!  I wonder who else might be as creative and send a short video clip for us to see?..... 

Week beginning 1st March -  our last week of remote learning.... 

This week we have World Book Day to look forward to on Thursday 4th March so many of this week's activities will revolve around the joy of reading. It's British Science Week next week but I have included several Science investigations and a research task for you to try at home.  As there are parent consultations this week and the classroom to get ready for our return on the Monday 8th March, you will notice that there are fewer live lessons  but more remote activities. However, please do keep sending in photos of your work. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of work that has been completed so far!  Keep smiling and looking forward to seeing you all very soon. : )


Click here for this week's spellings. 1.3.21 Match these homophones activity. 1.3.21

Do you want to double the chances of your child becoming a good reader? It is so easy and it's Free! Please watch Stephen Fry explain how and watch the video Turn on the sub titles. It's definitely worth a try.

Start the 2021 Reading Challenge.  How many books on the list can you tick off?  

As well as Oxford Owl ebooks, you might want to try listening to a selection of books on Audible. Listen to 'The Chocolate Tree' by Dina Gregory (In the Elementary section). 

A real treat here - Would you like to hear an author read their own story? Choose from a selection in this digital library.  Listen to Hannah Lee read 'My Hair'. How do you like to wear your hair? Draw a picture of yourself with your favourite hairstyle or even send in a photograph of your best hair day!

To celebrate World Book Day, enjoy these 'Share a Story' live events.  Click here to listen to 3 different authors to find out information about the books. 

Wednesday 3rd March at 10.30am – Books that Make you LOL!

Thursday 4th March at 10.30am – World Book Day special – Bringing Reading to Life

Friday 5th March at 10.30am  – Books and the Real World

All live reading sessions are available on the YouTube site by clicking here on the above date and times.

WORLD BOOK DAY - Please dress up as one of your favourite characters from a book of your choice. If possible, please create your own WBD costume and send a photo of yourself wearing it so it can be shared on this page.  You will make a fantastic art gallery!

Click here for tips about how to story share.

Click here for Word Book Day bingo! How many can you cross off?

Click here and follow the steps to create your own book (remember to fold neatly) – this could be a fiction or non-fiction piece of writing. Include illustrations, colour and lots of detail. Click here you would like to make a pop up book. 

Click here to share a story in your home. 

CLICK HERE to complete your own 'World Book Day Top 5' challenge.

Click here for a World Book Day Comprehension. Choose your level of difficulty: * easier **harder ***hardest

Maths: Login to MyMaths for this week's activities on money.

Click here to watch the video 'How to construct Pictograms'.  Select your group for your activity: Spheres, Cubes and Prisms 2.3.21

Science:  Enjoy Science investigations at home.  Here are two with a food theme: Cheesy Challenge, Get Set Jellies.

Here are two that require very little equipment Crafty Rafts and Super Spinners.

Watch this short film about Science discoveries in the past. This is aimed at older children but there are some fascinating facts that might amaze you!

Discover some of the Great Women and Men of Science.  Choose 3 scientist to research.  You can present your information in any way you choose. Factfile? Poster? Leaflet? Mini book? The choice is yours.

Screen Free Friday - Click here to complete as many of the 45 things to do that are screen free!  Take a photo when you complete an activity and send it to me using the email below.  

Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation


Here are some of the things the children have enjoyed doing on our 'Screen Free Days' ....

Week beginning 22nd February

This week we have been learning about what makes a balanced diet and how to eat healthily.  Here is some of our work - I think we have some future chefs in Year 3!

Well done Aidan for completing 18 Home Reading Challenges and achieving a Gold Certificate!...

Week beginning 22nd February

Welcome back Year 3!  I hope you have enjoyed your half-term and are ready again to meet up 'remotely'....

English: Click here for this week's spellings. Use the 'Look Cover Write Check' method every day to help learn the spelling pattern. Practise spelling homophones using Spelling Frame. 22.2.21

Reading: 'We Are Heroes' is a mini magazine which contain carefully chosen stories that have parallels to experiences of lockdown that children could be facing. This week I would like the children to read Issue 2 which focuses on the importance of being mindful and kind during difficult times. 22.2.21 / 24.2.21

Click here to gain further understanding of homophones by playing this game on Small Town Super Heroes.

Grammar - Click here and watch the 2 videos on 'Identifying Adverbs' on BBC Bitesize. Complete either Activity 1 or Activity 2 and send your work to me at the email below. 23.2.21

Comprehension - Re-read this extract from James and the Giant Peach then click here to answer these questions. 24.2.21

Maths: Click here to watch the video 'Reading and Understanding Pictograms'. Now complete these activities:  Spheres. CubesPrisms. 22.2.21

Money worksheet to complete following Tuesday's lesson: Spheres worksheet and answers. Cubes and Prisms worksheet and answers. 23.2.21  

Investigation - (This is an extra activity should you like a challenge!) Can you make £1 using different coin combinations?  Click here for the investigation. 23.2.21 

Money worksheet to complete following Thursday's lesson: Spheres worksheet and answers.  Cubes and Prisms worksheet and answers. 25.2.21

Play Custom Car Garage using coins to customise your sports car to your own design.  Choose your own level of difficulty.

Science: What is a balanced diet? Watch the BBC Bitesize video and play the interacwerstive games to learn about nutrients and important food groups.  Can you create your own healthy meal?  Either draw your own plate and foods or click here for a template and foods to choose from.  Why not try to make a healthy meal or snack today?  If you can, it would be lovely if you could send a photo.   24.2.21

Screen Free Thursday - Click here for 45 things to do that are screen free!  Take a photo when you complete an activity and send it to me using the email below. 

Art: As we have started to look at eating healthily, I would like to use the technique of continuous line drawing to draw a piece of fruit/ vegetable or kitchen cupboard ingredient. Watch this video Continuous Line Drawing and then create your masterpiece!  I would really like to see your drawings so please send them to me. 26.2.21

French: Listen to the song 'J'aime Papa, J'aime Maman'. Click here to complete this French family activity. 22.2.21

P.E. Try these mini activities to build endurance and stamina.

Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation.uk  

Activities to support basic skills


Reading:  Continue to complete your Home Reading challenges in your purple book.  Please remember to write the number of each challenge you complete in your email before sending a photo to me.  Click here to see all 19 challenges.

Free e-books to read from Oxford Owl.  Use the class username and password and remember to select 'Student'.

BBC bitesize - This site is HUGE! Lots of links to Grammar, Punctuation, Reading, Spelling and Writing.


Times Tables Rockstars - Remember to use your login details to access this site.

Hit the botton  Use this site to improve your mental recall of number facts.

My Maths - Use your login details to complete the weekly task.  Remember you can have more than one try to improve your scores!

MoneyMultiplication and Division - Parent booklets to support your child at home from White Rose Maths.

BBC bitesize - Lots of helpful material here to develop maths understanding.

Lots of games to play on this site - https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/index.html


Click Dance Mat Typing to further improve your typing skills. (This will hopefully support you when completing tasks on-line.)


BBC bitesize - This term we should be learning about Rocks and Soils.  Select 'Environment' to see what you can find out.  You could also revisit prior learning on 'Light',  'Forces' and 'Science Skills'.


BBC bitesize - Find out more about 'The Shang dynasty' of Ancient China. Recap prior learning about 'The Ancient Egyptians'.


BBC bitesize - Useful units to study include: 'Counties and Cities of the UK', 'Types of settlement' and 'Using Maps'.

Music:   Look at the Music Page and the Song Page for some fun activities! 


Click PE with Joe Wicks to keep fit during lockdown.

'Look after yourself'

Forest England have lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors and learning about nature. Click here for some family activities to enjoy together.



Week beginning 8th February

English: Click here for this week's spellings. Use the 'Look Cover Write Check' method every day to help learn the spelling pattern. Practise spelling these words using Spelling Frame. 8.2.21

Reading: 'We Are Heroes' is a mini magazine which contain carefully chosen stories that have parallels to experiences of lockdown that children could be facing. This week I would like the children to read this magazine (use the timetable as a guide). On Thursday the children can find creative ways of sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Maths: Keep learning your times tables and associated division facts.  Here are a few games that you might like to play: Coconut MultiplesHit the Button and  Demolition Division.

Click here to watch the video on Acute and Obtuse Angles.  9.2.21

History: Watch this video What did the Shang Dynasty believe? Click here for today's activities.  Remember, you can be as creative as you wish when writing your questions on 'oracle bones'. 8.2.21

French: Listen to the French Family Song again. Now write a few French sentences to tell me about your family.  Click here for some ideas. 8.2.21

Screen Free Wednesday - Click here for 45 things to do that are screen free!  Take a photo when you complete an activity and send it to me using the email below. 10.2.21

Chinese New Year Activities  This Friday is Chinese New Year and it is the Year of the Ox.  Please select any of the following activities to gain a better understanding of Chinese New Year. Watch this short video 'Chinese New Year'Comprehension - The Year of the OxMake a Paper LanternCrack the code activityMake a Dragon PuppetMake a Dragon fortune teller, watch these amazing Dragon and Lion dances or make a recipe from this Chinese New Year recipe book. 11.2.21

Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation.uk  

Emperors, oracle bones and Chinese writing.  Here are a few images of the work linked to Ancient China.

Screen free days.... Image result for heart

Looking after our mental health is really important and finding things we enjoy doing away from a screen is something that we have been working on as a school.  Here are a few ways children in Year 3 have been enjoying themselves that has made them feel good this half term! 

This half term we have continued to work with Miss Juan remotely.  We have been learning about different parts of the body, gender and people within the family.  Très bien!

Week beginning 1st February

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and this year's theme is 'Express Yourself'.  Finding creative, enjoyable ways to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas can help our mental health and make us feel good, especially when we face difficult times.  There will be opportunities throughout the week for children to express themselves creatively and do things they enjoy which make them feel good.  Keep watching this page as the daily activities are added!   

Watch this short video How are you feeling?  Now draw a simple outline of yourself and using colour, shapes and words draw how different parts of your body are feeling.  If you want to share your drawing then please email it to me.  1.2.21

It's snowing! Click here for some ideas to express yourself.  It would be lovely if we could share some photos of the things we are doing too.  Enjoy the day! 2.2.21

Click here to find more activities to express yourself during the week. (3rd - 5th February)


Click here for this week's spellings. Use the 'Look Cover Write Check' method every day to help learn the spelling pattern. There will be a spelling test next Monday.

Play any of the 3 free games on Spellzone.com to improve your spelling. Play as a 'single player'.

Comprehension 'Children's Mental Health Week' - Orange group text, questions and answers. 
Green Group textquestions and answers. Red group text,  questions and answers. 2.2.21


My Maths - Use your login details to complete this week's tasks on multiplication and division.  Remember you can have more than one try to improve your scores!

Division with remainders - Spheres worksheet  Cubes/Prisms worksheet and answers.  If you would like to re-watch the video please click here 2.2.21

Watch this video on Right Angles Click here for the right angles worksheet. 3.2.21

Watch this video on Division with remainders.  Spheres click here for your worksheet and here for the answers.  Cubes / Prisms click here for your worksheet and here for the answers. 4.2.21


Watch this video about Metamorphic Rocks. Can you make your own metamorphic rock using paper, water and food colouring? Use this table (or draw your own) to describe the properties and uses of different metamorphic rocks. 1.2.21


Find out about what life was like for people living in the Shang Dynasty. Click here for the lesson; click here for a BBC Bitesize clip.  Now complete this table (or draw your own) to compare the lives of the Working Class and Noble Classes.

Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation.uk

Fun in the snow ...

Week beginning 25th January


Click here for this week's spellings. Use the 'Look Cover Write Check' method every day to help learn the spelling pattern. There will be a spelling test on Friday morning.

Improve your spellings. Play Against the Clock (as a Single Player) to spell words beginning with the prefix 're'.

Write each of your spellings into a sentence. Try and make your sentences as interesting as possible and remember to use correct punctuation. 25.1.21

Click here to complete the simple story plan for The Magic Paintbrush. 26.1.21  Listen to a different version of the story here.

Complete paragraph 2 of your story. Include direct speech and use inverted commas around the words spoken 27.1.12



Keep learning your times table facts, these will help with solving division problems too! Hit the button. 

Division Spheres - worksheet. Cubes/Prisms - worksheet and answers. 26.1.21

Watch this video - Angles in 2D shapes.  Complete this 2D shape worksheet27.1.21  Now improve your knowledge of the properties of 2D shapes by playing Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica. Select 'The Deadly Sea of Shapes'. 

Division Spheres Click here for the Part Whole partitioning sheet, here for the division activity and here for the answers.  Cubes/Prisms - worksheet and answers. 28.1.21


Can you create a powerful catapult only using equipment from your kitchen?  Have fun trying! Click here to record your findings.  Watch this video to revisit today's lesson levers and catapult video. 25.1.21


Watch the video How did the Shang Dynasty begin? Now complete at least one of these tasks:
Task 1 Draw or paint the Emperor Cheng Tang, Task 2 Write Emperor Cheng Tang's name, Task 3 In your own words, write a paragraph to explain why Emperor Tang was a great leader. 28.1.21

French: Choose a favourite character from a book and label their body parts in French.  Remember to use 'le' 'la' or 'les' in your labels.  Click here for parts of the body spellings. Enjoy listening to the song Jean Petit qui danse. 29.1.21

Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation.uk

Week beginning 18th January


Click here for this week's spellings.  Use the 'Look Cover Write Check' method every day to help learn the spelling pattern. There will be a spelling test on Friday morning. 

Practise your spellings https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-872.htm

Watch Reading for Pleasure. Click here to answer questions about what you like to read. Can you create your own Reading River? Try to include at least 3 books but you might want to add lots more! 18.1.21

Comprehension - Orange groupGreen groupRed group.  Answers - Orange groupGreen groupRed group. 20.1.21


Spheres - Click here for today's multiplication task.  Cubes and Prisms - Click here for multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number (with exchange). Click here for the answers. 19.1.21

Play Guardians - Defenders of Mathematica and select 'Mysterious mountains of multiplication' (when you can choose) and practise your multiplication skills. You will need pencil and paper!

Angles - Click here to watch a video on angles. Click here for the angles worksheet. 20.1.21

Multiplication reasoning - Click here for today's task. (Click 'enable editing' to see the full page) 21.1.21


Click here to learn about 'Igneous Rock'. Click here for a worksheet to record your results. 21.1.21


Watch this video from Oak Academy to learn more about The Shang Dynasty. Write your own simple story using these Ancient writing symbols.  Remember to write your symbols underneath each other (vertical layout) rather than from left to right! Now email your story to me. 18.1.21

Draw  yourself and label the different parts of your body in French  Label body parts in French. 22.1.21


Keep calm and click whale breath to relax for a moment and control your breathing.  Try to do this every day.

Try these 2 activities to help you relax and control your breathing - Mindful Breathing Dot-To-Dot and Mindful Breathing with Teddy!

Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation.uk 

Well done Meymoona!  You have completed your final Home Reading Challenge!

You have achieved a GOLD certificate!

Take a look at the books we have enjoyed reading on our 'Reading Rivers'.

Week beginning 11th January


Click here to help you write your New Year's Resolution ideas.

Click here for work on inverted commas.  Please select the correct page for your group. Orange group p2,
Green group p3, Red group p4.  12.1.21

Click BBC Bitesize to watch a useful clip about using inverted commas. 12.1.21

Comprehension  - Red GroupOrange groupGreen group, (click 'enable editing' to see the full page once the document has downloaded) 13.1.21


Click here for comparing statements using < > = worksheet. Click here for the answers. 12.1.21.

Spheres - click here for comparing numbers worksheet. (Complete p1 then check your answers on p2) 12.1.21

Click here for multiplication worksheet.  Click here for the answers. 14.1.21


Click https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z39j2hv/articles/z2ckrwx to watch a video about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China.

Click here to answer questions about the Shang Dynasty.

Click here to use the SMART notebook used for introducing the Shang Dynasty 11.1.21


Click here for colouring sheets linked to 2021 and the Chinese New Year.

 Please email your work to target.three@kirkleeseducation.uk 

Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who managed to join our meetings through the afternoon.  It was so lovely to see you!

For your first task, please could you design a simple poster to explain how to use Google Meet, what the expectations are and how to use some of the features eg mute/unmute.  When you have completed this task, please remember to write your name and email your work to: 



Online learning - Week 1

Maths: doubling worksheet, lesson 1 worksheet, lesson 1 answers.

Click MyMaths and use your login details to access work on multiplication.

Spellings - Click here for this week's spellings - adding the prefix 'in-'.  Spellings will be tested next Friday.

Spelling frame - Click here to practice spelling words with more prefixes.

14th October 2020

As part of our topic on Huddersfield, the children have been using a variety of drawing pencils to draw the outline and finer detail of some of the interesting buildings in and around our town.  Working in pairs, the children then drew on acetate sheets with permanent marker pens to copy their drawing.  Next they collaged their building using paper and fabric squares.  Finally, the acetate was sewn on top of their collage.  I hope you like the finished results....  

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