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Year 6

Reading texts in Year 6

In line with the rest of school, children are matched to the most appropriate colour band to ensure they are challenged effectively. Within this, children are free to choose a book that appeals to them the most. Every week, children have access to the vast school library. By offering these different choices, celebrating reading regularly and encouraging children to change their book weekly, they are supported to access a wide range of genres and styles to develop their reading skills further. We also share a class text together which means we can enjoy the suspense, the excitement and the lessons it teaches us together.

Reading skills in Year 6

Children in Year 6 continue to build on their comprehension skills from earlier year groups:

  • They build up their understanding of new vocabulary and transfer this to their conversations and their writing.
  • They retrieve key information from fiction and non-fiction texts and use the text to provide evidence for their answers.
  • They use clues in the text to infer how a character might be feeling, why a character acted in a certain matter or why something happened.
  • They use information and clues in the text to predict what is going to happen next.
  • They study the words and types of clauses and phrases an author has used and discuss why the author may have made this choice.

Disciplinary Literacy

High quality texts are available for children to develop their understanding of topics they are currently learning about – they understand that they have learnt to read to that they are able to read to learn. This skill allows children to access a whole world of knowledge because they can find out anything they want to once they know how to read like a scientist or read as a historian for example.

Embedding reading throughout the curriculum

The love of reading is celebrated in our class and this is why reading texts are often used to inform other subjects such as pieces of writing, music, PSHE discussions, historical understanding or even artwork! The influence of a good book just never stops.


The love of reading is very strong throughout the Year 6 children.

When I read I can forget about everything else and just focus on the book I am reading – Annie

Reading is fun and relaxing, it helps to build my imagination – Adam

The books we read are always interesting and they help me to improve my vocabulary and my writing – Kamran

Reading distracts me from doing unhealthy things like using technology too much, it also helps me to learn new vocabulary – Humza

I like the different books because sometimes I find out things I never knew before – Mohamed

I need to a be a good reader because I would like to run a business in the future so I need to be able to read my employee’s applications to decide if I should employ them or not – Hassan

I can use my reading skills in the future to research the jobs I want to apply for an look at my different options so I make the right choice for my future – Kinfe