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My Dinosaur Scene

In Year One, we have been learning about dinosaurs! In DT we have created our own dinosaur scenes. Have a look at our projects below. 

In Art we created our own Dinosaur Planet. We used powder paints and mixed the primary colours to make secondary colours for our sunset scenes. We cut out silhouettes of dinosaurs and added them to our pictures.

Our Topic for this half term is: 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'

Please share the story with your child: The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

Can you find out some information about the: Story characters?

Please take a look at our Topic Exploration, where we enjoyed an afternoon completing a range of activities, linked to our 'Seaside Theme'. Seaside Topic Exploration

Please find below some useful learning resources to support your child's basic skills in English and Maths.


Top Marks - Number fact families - addition & subtraction to 20 - Find the number facts families.


White Rose Maths

Number: Multiplication and Division - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Learn how to make equal groups.

Number: Multiplication and Division- Making equal groups, Adding equal groups and making arrays.

Number: Multiplication and Division - Making equal groups, sharing. 


Oak National Academy

Using the multiplication symbol.

Using the division symbol when sharing.

Relating multiplying by two to doubling.


ICT Games - Duck Shoot - To learn how to count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s.

ICT Games - Archery Doubles - To learn doubling facts.

Top Marks - Division of objects by grouping them.

ICT Games - Doggy Division - To learn how to solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division.


Shape, Space and Measure:

ICT Games - Coin Calculator - To learn about the value of different denominations of coins and notes.

Ordering numbers for different measures!

Measuring using a ruler in centimetres

Tell the time!



Please continue to share stories daily with your child. 

You can still access the: Oxford Owl Free 'e'book library.

Click on student and enter the following username and password for Year 1. 

Username: target1and2 Password:Year12

Why not try out some of the Home Reading Challenges - there are lots of ideas to keep you busy. 


ICT games - Tell A T-Rex - Read the silly sentences, then answer yes or no?


Phonics: Please practice the phonic sounds - Phase 2 to Phase 5

Letters & Sounds Videos - to support your child's phonics knowledge: Spring & Summer Term - Year 1 lessons.


Discovery Education/Espresso: Phonics Games:

Log in to Espresso: student30822   Password: spring1


(Foundation - Phonics) - Scrap's Phonics: Phase 2.   Polly's Phonics: Phase 3.    Kim's Phonics: Phase 4.                Ash's Phonics: Phase 5.   Scully's Phonics: Phase 5 - alternative pronunciations.

Sal's Phonics: Phase 5 - alternative spellings.


      Practice the phonics play games - You can use the new log in details: username: jan21  password: home. 

Phase 5 - Sentences Try reading new sounds and tricky words in sentences.

Phase 4 - Buried Treasure - Drag the coins with real words to the treasure chest and the fake words to the dustbin.

Phase 3 - Sentence substitution - Blend to read sentences and play around with words to make new sentences.

Rocket Rescue - Repair the broken rocket by correctly spelling 10 words.


Phase 2 sound mat - help with pronunciation.

Phase 3 sound mat - help with pronunciation.

Phase 4 blends and clusters pronunciation.

Phase 5 sound mat - help with pronunciation.


Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics.

Each letter sound is clearly spoken, before an example of a word is given.


CBeebies Alphablocks - Watch as the letters of the alphabet tells stories and makes words using phonics.



Little Bird Spellings - Tricky words - Choose Year 1, then choose a bird box to select a different word list.   Arrange the letters in the correct order to spell each of the words.

Please join in with the songs, to help you read and write tricky words.

Tricky words Phase 3 video.

Tricky words Phase 4 video.  


Writing: To practice Letter and number formation - use the fun letter and number formation tool.

ICT Games - Writing Runway - Choose a phonic phase 3, 4 or 5. Read the sentence three times. Hide the sentence. Use the cockpit word bank to re:write the sentence. Press 'check' when you are done!

Sentence writing and picture prompts - Learn what a sentence needs? Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces between words and the sentence makes sense when you read it. Can you finish off the sentences?

Mrs Manasreh's Story Time

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