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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 2

Well Year 2, it's been a whole half term since I last saw you and you saw me so here I am!  I wanted to share a story with you that will hopefully make you smile.  Have a well-deserved break, keep smiling and hopefully I will see you all soon.  : )

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Answering Meymoona(less than a day ago)

Hello Meymoona. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. I used to read it to my children when they were little and they liked it too! An elephant playing Hide and Seek - how funny!

Meymoona Ullah(less than a week ago)

Good evening Mrs Burgess Thank you for the reading a book, what a funny story:). My best part was when the elephants trying to hide but they can’t hide .

Zain Ghafoor(less than a week ago)

Hello Mrs Burgess I hope you are good .Thanks! For sharing a lovely story with us . I really enjoyed it.I really miss you and happy to see you in the video. Take care and, Eid Mubarak

Answering Juwariyyah(less than a week ago)

You clearly need me to give you a specific task to keep you busy! Right. Get some paper, use your amazing drawing and writing skills, and make me a food chain of your choice. Remember you must always start with the producer (plant) first. I am looking forward to seeing a photo of your amazing food chain!! If you get this done, why not look at ways in which you can make your mum or dad smile by completing an act of kindness? Send me another message to let me know how you get along. : )

Juwariyyah(less than a week ago)

Hi, I’m bored at home

answering Retal(about a week ago)

Hello Retal. I'm not putting every photo on the class page that is sent in or else there would be just so many! I am however trying to put up at least one photo from everyone who sends a photo in during the week. If you would like to send more photos of your work to me, I would love to see them! (I am also sending messages through School Ping so that you know that I have seen all your work that you have sent in.) Look forward to hearing from you.

Retal Abdalla(about a week ago)

why do i have one picture ?

Answering Suhayb(about a week ago)

Your grandad must be very proud of you learning your times-tables Suhayb and you must be feeling pleased with yourself too! I'm looking forward to quizzing you when we do eventually get back to school! Keep up the good work : )

Suhayb Abid(about a week ago)

Hello Mrs Burgess again, hope you're well. My grandad has been teaching me some maths over the phone. He taught me my timestables and i have learnt all my timestables up to 11 and i have learnt how to add fractions.

Answering Yusuf(about a week ago)

You maths whizz! Well done learning your times tables Yusuf. I will be updating the TTRockstars after half-term to keep you busy!

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Week 7: Home Learning photos of work we are proud of!  Watch this space..... 

Home Learning Week 7 (week beginning 18.05.20)

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.  During the week I would like you to perform acts of kindness whenever you can, no matter how big or small.  You will be amazed how one of your smiles can simply make someone feel better! Click here to find a list of some of the things you could try (although I know you can probably think of lots more….)  Please share your acts of kindness either by sending me a photo or posting a message on our Guestbook section of our class page. 

Spellings: middle, little, topple, fable, apple, bottle, double, juggle, double, table, fiddle

Access spelling games from the Spelling Frame link - focus on rule 7

English: Create a minibeast fact file using conjunctions (words that join simple sentences together eg ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘because’ and ‘if’) Click here to watch a video about minibeasts then work through activities 1 and 2.  If you enjoy this task, you might want to make a minibeast game (see Activity 3)

Please continue writing 2-3 sentences each day in your Home Learning Diary that was introduced last week.

Are you still reading every day?  Why not try Winnie and Wilbur stay at home or Tidy up, Winnie! from Oxford Owls e-book collection?

Maths: Click here to access this week’s daily maths videos continuing with addition and subtraction.  Select Summer Term – Week 4.  Click lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3lesson 4  to select the daily lesson activities. When you have worked through the activity, ask an adult to check your answers: answers Lesson 1, 

answers Lesson 2, answers Lesson 3, answers Lesson 4

MyMaths: Complete the task on Counting on over 10 and 20.

Science: This week you are learning about food chains! Watch the link 'The Food Chain'.  Now look at Ronald the Rhino's food chain activity on Twinkl.  Either print these pictures out or draw your own on strips of paper to make your own Food Chain. (See the photo of Miss Mason's food chain in this week's gallery to help you.)  Remember the producer (plant) will be on the left of the chain! 

Science Competition! This year The Great Bug Hunt 2020 is now open for children (and their parents!) As you have been doing lots of activities about insects and bugs, I thought you might like to try entering this competition.  The closing date is not until June 12th so there's plenty of time.  You need to enter the Age 5-7 year group. Good luck!

Computing: Click here to use the skills you now have and type out this small piece of text.  

Art: This week, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, I would like you to spend some time away from your screen, go outside and find different shades of green.  You can either collect green objects (I know a lot of you have enjoyed creating environmental art) and arrange them from light green to dark green. Or you might want to take photos of the different shades of green you can see and arrange them in shade order using an art package.  (We use the free App 'PicCollage' in school.) Let your creative talents run free!  Please share your work by sending in photos to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

Geography: How good is your knowledge of maps? Test yourself and play this game. Maps - Colours and Symbols

Music: Have fun learning 'It's getting too hot for monkeys!' on our Song Page.  I think you will enjoy singing it : )

Look at the Music Page for KS1. Learn the Grasshopper song and do the rhythm activities. 

R.E.   Find out about the Christian creation story. Here are some craft ideas just for fun. 

P.E. Daily (Mon – Fri) 9am – 9:30am Joe Wicks The Body Coach workout – use YouTube link 

This week try 'Fast Feet' and 'Tuck in, Tuck out' of the 60 Second PE Challenges. Can you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold standard? 



Additional Online Learning Links Week 7 (week beginning 18.05.20)

Spellings: put, push, pull, full, house, our  Choose Year 1, Spelling Rile 40

Phonics: You will need a dice to play this game. Read the line of words that matches the number thrown on the dice. Click here to play

Handwriting: Are you using the correct pencil grip all the time?  This week to complete Sheet 5

English: Complete each sentence.  Read through each sentence to check it makes sense.  Have you used the correct punctuation? Writing sentences activity.

Maths: Click here to access this week's maths on addition and subtraction. Select Summer Term - Week 4

MyMaths: Login to MyMaths and complete Sums to 20.

Week 6: Home Learning and keeping busy.  Thank you Year 2.  You're amazing!

Week 5: Here are some more examples of your home learning.  Keep up the good work Year 2!

Here are some examples of Home Learning from week 4. 

Thank you for beginning to send photos of your work you have completed.  Please keep sending your photos so that your work can be shared on this page for others to see.

I really like the photos that show the whole process of carrying out this beautiful piece of environmental art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.  A heartfelt thank you from us all. 

Home Learning Files

(These home learning files download as a Word document)


Home learning week 1


Home learning Week 2


Home learning Week 3


Home Learning Week 4 and  Additional learning Week 4 


Home Learning Week 5


Home Learning Week 6



Week 3 examples of home learning.  Well done keeping busy and being creative while learning at home!

Here are a couple of examples of work produced at home during Week 3.  Fantastic effort!  If you would like to share work that you are really proud of, please email office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk and remember to include your name and 'Year 2'.  Keep up the good work and stay safe. Enter text...

Routine and structure are important for children, especially during these uncertain times. Below is a suggestion of how your day might look.

Quentin Blake - Big Art!

Topic Exploration - The Plague

Dance session - here you can see us learning how to get our groove on!

Maths - here you can see us using apparatus during our maths work to help us understand our method!

Science - materials investigation

Greenhead Park visit Autumn 2019

Stirley Community Farm visit Autumn 2019

Topic Exploration - Near and Far

We used a variety of drawing tools and using a continuous line we began to draw the outside of our school. The children enjoyed sketching outside too!