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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 2

Home Learning Activities - Week beginning 13.07.20

What a very strange Summer Term this has been!  Can you believe we are now in the final week? I know some of you will be working at home while others will be joining me back in school on Monday.  I am so looking forward to seeing you!  The classroom looks very different but it is still our special place even if it is for just one more week....

This week, as well setting Home Learning activities, I have also provided some useful links that will support those basic skills over the Summer holidays. These are voluntary activities and are there for you only if you would like to do them!

Please continue to read a book, complete a Maths, English and Spelling task every day then try an activity from the list below. This week's recipe is Muffin Tray tortilla pizzas!

Please keep sending in photos of the work you are proud of to: office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk

Thank you Year 2 for sending in photos of the work you have been doing at home.  This is the final gallery of the year. I hope you enjoy looking at all of the photos!


  • Spellings: aren't, can't, couldn't, didn't, don't, hasn't, hadn't, haven't, he's, they've, you've

       Access spelling games from the Spelling Frame link - focus on rule 25

  • Writing: In Year 2 we really like the author Oliver Jeffers, don’t we? We have read ‘A Little Stuck’, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and other stories written by him. This week, Miss. Mason bought the very helpful story ‘Here We Are.’ Click here to listen to and see the story. Then, click here for your English writing activity.

  • Reading: Listen to the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers, with an adult. Think about one thing that you found most important, or most helpful, from this story. Have a talk with your adult about this and ask them what they think is the most important, or helpful, part of this story. Do you and your adult have the same thoughts, different, or both? 
  • Access lots of books to read here: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk
  • Comprehension: Click here to join Small Town Superhero, Undercover Ursula, on a comprehension adventure!  Click here for the ‘map’ (instructions) for your journey!


  • Daily Maths Lessons: Click here to access this week’s daily maths videos on 'Time'. Select Summer Term – Week 12. Click lesson 1lesson 2lesson 3lesson 4 to select the daily lesson activities. When you have worked through the activity, ask an adult to check your answers: lesson 1lesson 2lesson 3lesson 4. Can you complete the final Friday Maths Challenges?
  • MyMaths Complete the tasks on Comparing Time. Use your own username and password to access the activity. Remember you can try each activity more than once!


  • Enjoy being a scientist and see if you can make your own Chromatography Butterfly. 
  • If you have a plastic bottle why not try this Science for One activity? Exploration Bottle.
  • Head outdoors with just one coat hanger and see if you can weave with different materials.  Are you using materials that are living, never living or that used to be alive? Science Nature Weaving


  • Click here for this week’s geography activityMaking observations from my home. 


  • Watch this video to learn about the artist L.S.Lowry.  Using only 5 colours white, black, yellow, blue and red, paint a picture of all the people and animals you see in the area where you live and play.
  • It would be lovely if everyone would draw a self-portrait so we can hang them in the gallery before the end of term.  Watch this video How to draw a self-portrait and send in your art work to me via the school office email.

P.E. : 

  • Joe Wicks The Body Coach workout 9am – 9:30am. Use YouTube link. Now on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
  • Do you like to dance? Click here to enjoy a Zumba activity each day!
  • Click here for Squish the Fish Cosmic Yoga, and many more yoga routines!
  • Click here for an indoor 'rainy day' P.E. routine - socks at the ready! You could do this routine in your garden, or in the park, too! 


  • Great for the Summer Holidays - why not try this easy recipe? Muffin Tray tortilla pizzas
  • Have you ever felt a bit upset or angry but not sure why or what to do about it?  Make this Mindful Glitter Jar - it really might help.
  • Rights Respecting Schools - Click here to learn about Article 12: Every child has the Right to have their voice heard.  Watch the film Not Now Bernard!  What would you say to Bernard's parents if you had the chance?  Either write your ideas down on paper or share your ideas with an adult.


  • Click here for some final activities about this term's RE topic - 'How do we care for our planet?'


Additional Online Learning Links Summer 2 Week 7 (Week beginning 13.07.20)

Spelling:  more, score, before, wore, shore 

Can you write a sentence for each word?  

For example: I wore a blue jumper to school.  

Phonics: Click here to listen to a recap of all the Phase 5 phonics sounds.

Click here to revise phonics sounds with Forest Phonics.

Click here to play the phonics 'Sentence Substitution' game.

Handwriting: Keep using your correct pencil grip as you complete sheet 10

English: Click here to listen to the story 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. Then, click here for you English activity. 


Click here to enjoy watching some of the Captain Seasalt Alphabet Island Adventures. Explore different letters to learn about interesting words with Captain Seasalt and his friendly pirate team. 

MyMaths: Login to MyMaths and complete Describing Shapes. 

Maths: This week in maths we are revising capacity. First, click here to revise the language of capacity. Then, click here to practice reading capacity. 

Do you have a jug at home? What different liquids can you measure? What capacity is the bottle of milk in your fridge? What number does it say on the side of the milk, followed by ‘ml’? 


Additional Maths Games

Click here to revise place value. Count the diennes, then click on the basketball with the number that matches the number of diennes you have counted.  

Click here for daily maths challenges to practice adding and taking away.


Summer Learning Links:

Click here to support spelling and reading the common exception words for Year 2.

Print of this Reading Record to review the books you read over the Summer Holidays.

Keep learning your Multiplication Tables!

Maths activities using Addition and Subtraction.

Maths fractions.

Click here to enjoy carrying out some Summer Science experiments.

Use this Summer Checklist to keep you busy and entertained over the holidays.

Click here to access this 'Spreading My Wings' booklet as you think about moving from Year 2 into Year 3.

See how many of these games can you play before the end of the holidays! Backyard Games



Please leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. (comments need to be approved by a member of staff before they are displayed on the page). Thank You.


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Answering Retal(a couple of months ago)

And I can't wait to see you back in school too. I'm missing your smile!

Retal Abdalla(a couple of months ago)

hi miss burgess im soo exited to come back to shcool

Answering Aidan and Hasan(a couple of months ago)

It has been so good to have you back! I'm really pleased we'll be spending our last week in Year 2 together. I'm really looking forward to making the clay flowers this afternoon too!

Aidan(a couple of months ago)

Hello Mrs Burgess I’ve loved what we have done so far today at school. I'm very excited for the rest of the week!

Hasan Ali(a couple of months ago)

Hello mrs Burgess I am looking forward to being at school for a week!

Answering Maliha and Sana (Year 4)(a couple of months ago)

Thank you for letting me know and WELL DONE! You all worked well as a team, especially at the end of the day when you knew you had almost beaten the target. Have a good weekend and see you back in school next week. I'll pop upstairs and wave to you from the doorway so I don't burst your new bubble! : )

Maliha Farooq year 4(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mrs Burgess. It’s Maliha from year 4. I can’t believe we got 6000 coins on TTRS and we won . I’m soo

Sana Mustafa (year 4)(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mrs Burgess hope your well year 4 have won the battle against year 5 on times table rockstars! We had 6000 coins and year 5 had 4897 coins

Answering Retal(a couple of months ago)

Hello Retal I'm pleased you have managed to plant the peas. You will have to let me know how they grow! It was lovely to see you last week. Will you be coming into school next week? If you are you need to let Mrs Azhar know by 3pm Tuesday.

Retal Abdalla(a couple of months ago)

hi miss burgess i'am planting the pea you gave me

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Summer 2 Week 5 -  Work we are proud of!

Summer 2 Week 4 - Photos of the week

Photos of Home Learning Activities Week beginning 15.06.20

Summer 2 Week 2        Evidence that we are still working hard!

Miss. Mason reads Leon and the Place Between.

Summer Term 2 Week 1: Work we are proud of!

Well Year 2, it's been a whole half term since I last saw you and you saw me so here I am!  I wanted to share a story with you that will hopefully make you smile.  Have a well-deserved break, keep smiling and hopefully I will see you all soon.  : )

Week 7: Home Learning photos of work we are proud of!  

Week 6: Home Learning and keeping busy.  Thank you Year 2.  You're amazing!

Week 5: Here are some more examples of your home learning.  Keep up the good work Year 2!

Here are some examples of Home Learning from week 4. 

Thank you for beginning to send photos of your work you have completed.  Please keep sending your photos so that your work can be shared on this page for others to see.

I really like the photos that show the whole process of carrying out this beautiful piece of environmental art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.  A heartfelt thank you from us all. 

Week 3 examples of home learning.  Well done keeping busy and being creative while learning at home!

Here are a couple of examples of work produced at home during Week 3.  Fantastic effort!  If you would like to share work that you are really proud of, please email office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk and remember to include your name and 'Year 2'.  Keep up the good work and stay safe. Enter text...

Routine and structure are important for children, especially during these uncertain times. Below is a suggestion of how your day might look.

Quentin Blake - Big Art!

Topic Exploration - The Plague

Dance session - here you can see us learning how to get our groove on!

Maths - here you can see us using apparatus during our maths work to help us understand our method!

Science - materials investigation

Greenhead Park visit Autumn 2019

Stirley Community Farm visit Autumn 2019

Topic Exploration - Near and Far

We used a variety of drawing tools and using a continuous line we began to draw the outside of our school. The children enjoyed sketching outside too!