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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 4

Click the QR code below to be taken directly to the web page we have created, combining all our knowledge of India.

We combined our knowledge of primary and secondary colours and creating shades of colour with the skill of block printing. Block printing is known to have been used in India since the 12th century. Come and take a look outside of the Year 4 classroom to see our impressive final piece.

We have an important assembly coming up where we will share all that we have learned with the rest of the school and our families. Being the brilliant hosts that we are, we made barfi, traditional Indian sweets, to share.

Our science focus this half term is all about living things and their habitats. We couldn't possibly do that without taking a closer look at what was lurking in our school garden. By asking the right questions, we were able to use a classification key to identify exactly who and what we found, some differences were very subtle and we had to look closely.

Primary colours, secondary colours, shades and complementing colours are all terms that we now understand and skills that we have developed; just ask any one of us.

Handball is all about quick-moving, quick-reacting and quick-thinking; it's a perfect way to start our year.

We had to make sure that we ended our final topic in style! Combining our new geographical knowledge with art and science, we created 3D volcanoes and carried out a fair test to investigate how much vinegar was needed to produce the most impressive eruption. If you look closely you may notice that we had help from a special visitor.

Land ahoy! A range of design skills have been used to produce this impressive fleet of Viking ships. After the design process, clay was moulded and carved, the mast had to be measured and cut and finally, the sails were printed. It was a long process but we'd say it was worth the wait, wouldn't you?

Sound, this is somewhat a speciality of Year 4! In order to understand the science behind how sound is created, we investigated a range of sounds and discussed what we could see and hear, we concluded that sounds are made by vibrations. To fully understand how sound travels, we worked in groups to recreate the process of a sound being made, travelling through particles in the air and reaching the ear.

Following an engaging World Book Week, we applied our sketching and watercolour painting skills to create some wonderful pieces of art for the classroom, have a look when you next visit Year 4.

Europe! It turns out that we are just a small part of a rather large continent and that continent makes a brilliant jigsaw. We worked together to match the land shapes to the countries on the map. It was quite a challenge because Miss Parker-Sharp gave us pieces without labels! But obviously we kept going and succeeded together.

Year 4 were invited to join Greenhead College sing their charity Christmas song. Find us on YouTube, where we have had over 6000 views! #CarolForYorkshire

We took a particular interest in 'teeth' so looked closely at the structure of the tooth and created 3D models to show the enamel, dentine, the blood vessels and nerves. After carrying out an investigation to look at the effects our favourite drinks have upon our teeth, some of us will be thinking before we drink in future!