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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life

Year 4

Last update: 2020-05-28

Summer 2, week 1 home learning starting Monday 01.06.20

I hope that you are all safe and well Year 4. Our school has been closed for a long time and we do not know when Year 4 will be back so please do your best to keep learning, click here to find out why it is so important.

You should complete at least 1 English activity, 1 maths activity, 1 P.S.H.E activity and one other activity every day.

Subject Learning activities




  • Complete one full exercise in your ‘Mental Workout’ book.
  • Follow this link and look at 'Summer Term - Week 2'  Watch lesson 3 – ‘pounds and pence’ and complete the activity. Watch lesson 4 – ‘ordering money’ and complete the activity.
  • MyMaths - 'money'     'money calculations'     'money problems' 
  • Complete pages 48 and 49 in your 'Maths Year 4 question book' (the red one)
  • Complete pages 8 and 9 in your 'Maths Year 4 question book' (the red one)
  • Revisit your existing knowledge with this activity on MyMaths  - ‘negative numbers 1’
  • Revisit your existing knowledge with this activity on MyMaths - 'mixed tables 2 to 12'
  • Have a go at these challenges.
  • Be part of the TTRS world record attempt on Thursday. 
  • Click here to play football maths games.  
History journal
  • History journal - We are always creating history. Right now, we are in the middle of something that will be looked back on in years to come. At the end of each day, write a few sentences about your day. When this is over, you will have created your own primary source with first hand evidence.

This half term we will be looking at changes in Britain from the Stone Age through to Iron Age. This is a period of time from Britain’s prehistory; a time before written records began.

  • This period was before written records so historians have to rely on artefacts. Take a look at these artefacts and historical sites (click here) and consider what information they tell us about the time period.  (username: student30822 password:spring1)
  • Be a hisorian and choose one artefact or site to focus on. Create a poster (this could be on paper or created on the computer) and explain what information you think it provides. Think about:
    • what it might be used for
    • who might use it
    • what it is made from
    • where these materials would be from
    • how it has been made into the shape
    • why they needed it
  • These videos will help you to consider what to include in your poster.
  • Use some of the words from the glossary in your poster - glossary 
  • Send your poster to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk 
  • I've been asked if we can have a party when we're back together. I'm not sure that will be possible but we can share photos of baking creations that we'd like to share with each other. Send your contributions to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk.        
  • The best part is you only have to share a photo of your baking; you can keep and eat the real thing!
Design and Technology

Remember to stay active for 60 minutes every day






You can send any work to office.springgrove@kirkleeseducation.uk - remember to add you name and class.

Revision activities

Spellings - write, written, wrong, wrestle, wrinkle  Follow this link, select Year 2 and spelling rule 6.

  • Everyday: write each word 5 times, say the work in a sentence and then write the word in a sentence, tell somebody to how spell the word.

Click here to access Twinkl Go and enter the code for your learning activity.

Listen to a story Twinkl Go code: TU8053

The Great Fire of London comprehension Twinkl Go code: PC5472

Jake's first day comprehension Twinkl Go code: OR4351

Tricky words word search Twinkl Go code: YG5973

Prefix and suffix word search Twinkl Go code: FX4931

Money matching activity Twinkl Go code: KN8923

MyMaths - 'Adding in columns'

MyMaths - 'Mixed tables 3,4,6'

MyMaths - 'Introducing negative numbers'

MyMaths - 'Simple fractions'

Pizza fractions Twinkl Go code: KG5804

Place value within 1000 Twinkl Go code: YN0467

Improve your memory skills with this game. Click here for another memory challenge.

Click here and watch this video clip. Write a story about what happens next.


Look at the writing activity in the whole class timetable and write your own acrostic poem.

Having some structure and routine in our days can help us to feel calm and in control. You should create a timetable to break up your days and include a range of activities. The one below is similar to our days at school. Look above find this week's activities for each subject.

Learning in lockdown! School may be closed but our brains are still open and we have worked really hard to produce some wonderful work, much of which has consisted of thinking of others in these times.

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Maliha Farooq(about a week ago)

Hi Miss, hope your well. I can’t wait to learn something new and I would like to thank you for updating our website. Take care Maliha Farooq yr4 x

Maliha farooq(less than a month ago)

Hi Miss, hope your well. I have made a little poem up for you. If you ever feel lonely or a little bit blue, please don’t worry we are there for you, Although we cant see you yet, we have sent along a friend So this will take our place until all of this ends, Give it a hug

Miss Parker-Sharp to Zara(less than a month ago)

Yes Zara, I can reply to your messages on here.

Zara(less than a month ago)

Can you answer me back on this?

Maliha Farooq(less than a month ago)

Hi Miss Parker-Sharp, hope you and your family are well. I am really looking forward to be doing some new learning starting from tomorrow. From Maliha Farooq, year 4 miss you

Maliha Farooq(less than a month ago)

Yes I did.

Miss Parker-Sharp to Maliha(less than a month ago)

Thank you for the update Maliha, I am glad that it is now working :) Did you receive the message I sent on SchoolPing this morning? I miss you too

Maliha Farooq(less than a month ago)

Hi Miss Parker-Sharp, hope you and your family are well. I don’t think i need to send a picture of the my maths page because it is working perfectly now. I miss you. Goodbye

Maliha Farooq(less than a month ago)

I hope you have a good day.

Miss Parker-Sharp to Maliha(less than a month ago)

Thank you for raising this issue Maliha. I have tried to take a look, I used your login details and have been successful. Are you pressing 'mark it' at the end of each page? When you have clicked 'mark it' at the end of the final page, what message appears? I see a green tick, what do you see? If it is something else, perhaps you could ask an adult to help you to take a photo of what appears and email it to school and we will take a look. I'm sorry it isn't working for you :(

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Please use the guestbook to send any comments or questions and just to ensure we keep in touch. Take care, Miss Parker-Sharp

Click here to access Twinkl Go and enter the code for your learning activity:

fidget spinner comprehension - VR8497                                                               multiplication check - TU7120

FA cup comprehension - VN5976                                                                 Roman Numerals activity - KP5879

Ed Sheeran comprehension - IQ6597                                                              subtract 4-digit numbers - IB4816

Ramadan comprehension - UY5147                                                               subtract 2-digit numbers - CY7284


commonly misspelt words wordsearch - OC8315

synonyms for said - AZ6875

synonyms for went - PI8631


label the digestive system - BC9643

states of matter activity - TC2815

The wonderful thing about kindness is that it always makes you feel good; whether you are the one receiving it or the one handing it out. Choose one act of kindness to show each day.

We have started looking at Viking times in our history lessons. In order to be historians we need to ask questions about the past and locate primary and secondary sources of evidence to answer these questions. Here you can see how we have explored artefacts to inform us about the past.

Who knew that there was so much science in making crispy buns? We had to boil the water, melt the chocolate and then leave them to set - that allowed us to investigate gases, liquids and solids.

In science, we have started to look at states of matter. We used ourselves and tennis balls to explore how particles behave depending on which state they are in - gas, liquid or solid

One thing that unites people around the world is food. We researched the different breads baked throughout Europe and decided to bake baguettes from France, pita bread from Greece and focaccia from Italy.

We have been looking closely at the continent of Europe. The countries made a brilliant jigsaw and we used our atlas skills along with teamwork and resilience to identify the countries, locate them and position them accurately. Now we are ready to explore the natural features across Europe and look at land use across the continent.

Some of us weren't convinced that sugary drinks really could damage our teeth so there was only one thing for it; we had to set up an experiment. We placed egg shells (to represent our teeth) in various drinks - water, milk, Ribena. Coca-Cola and Monster and were shocked at the extent of the damage in just a week!

We have been looking very closely at our teeth. Did you know that they are made up of enamel, dentine and nerves and blood vessels? Just ask any one of us about any of these and we will be sure to tell you more.

A visit from Fair 'n' Funky really made us consider how fairly profits are divided, particularly in the football industry. We each made an eco-friendly football and realised just how much time, effort and skill goes in to hand stitching footballs in Sialkot, Pakistan where 40 million footballs are hand stitched every year. The Fairtrade promise is improving lives for workers whilst ensuring they are paid fairly for their time and effort. We have promised to look for the Fairtrade logo from now on.

Thank you to all the Year 3 and 4 families who came to our family event. With a focus on being super scientists, it was wonderful to see children and families working together to explore, investigate and experiment.

Click the QR code below to be taken directly to the web page we have created, combining all our knowledge of India.

During our first topic, India, we learnt so much that we just had to share it with our families and the rest of the school. We told the Hindu and Sikh stories for Diwali through drama and shared many new and exciting facts. However, our favourite part was using Makaton to sign a song all about our resilience and determination.

We combined our knowledge of primary and secondary colours and creating shades of colour with the skill of block printing. Block printing is known to have been used in India since the 12th century. Come and take a look outside of the Year 4 classroom to see our impressive final piece.

We have an important assembly coming up where we will share all that we have learned with the rest of the school and our families. Being the brilliant hosts that we are, we made barfi, traditional Indian sweets, to share.

Our science focus this half term is all about living things and their habitats. We couldn't possibly do that without taking a closer look at what was lurking in our school garden. By asking the right questions, we were able to use a classification key to identify exactly who and what we found, some differences were very subtle and we had to look closely.

Primary colours, secondary colours, shades and complementing colours are all terms that we now understand and skills that we have developed; just ask any one of us.

Handball is all about quick-moving, quick-reacting and quick-thinking; it's a perfect way to start our year.