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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life


Home Learning Week 7 - 18th May

Start the day with Joe's daily workout or Click for Cosmic Kids yoga and story adventures.  

Phonics- Continue to practice phonics games for 20 minutes a day. Log in to Espresso: student 30822 Password: spring 1 - Scraps Phonics (phase 2) and Polly's Phonics (phase 3) or Phonicsplay games - Remember the username: march20 and the password: home. Flashcards - Speed/Time Challenges Click (good for practicing letter recognition - phase 2/3). Sentences (select by the phase 2/3 and weeks) Click here

ICT Games - The Dinosaur's Eggs Click (to practice reading high frequency words). 

English - Continue to read three different stories a day and discuss with your family. Please Click for Oxford Owl Free 'e'book Library.

To help support your child with their reading - Look at the links to letters and sounds videos - either Click - for children learning to blend and read simple words or Click - for children who can blend and read simple wordsContinue to practice reading and writing the Click - High Frequency Words and making up simple sentences. You can continue to use letters and sounds (link below), writing prompts, matching cards, or try some of these suggestions - Click here.

Topic - Read: Jack and the Beanstalk Click. What happened in the story? Can you write a sentence? Click - Jack and the Beanstalk writing activity or Click - Jack and the Beanstalk Story-Sequencing. Take a look at some activities linked to the story Click - Jack and Beanstalk home learning challenges.

Oak National Academy has a selection of lessons linked to Jack and the Beanstalk, including how to plant some apple pips.

Listen to the story Jasper's Beanstalk. Can you talk about the story - What happens first, next, what happens at the end? Who is the main character in the story?

Listen to the story The Tiny Seed and then watch the video about the Life cycle of a plant. Have a go at planting your own seeds; you could collect pips and stones from fresh fruit, if you don't have any seeds at home.

Don't forget what plants need to grow? Check out the gardening tips Gardeners' World - gardening projects for kids and watch the videos together to help you Grow at home together, Grow vegetable scraps and cress. Then complete the Plant Growth sequencing Activity Click here.

Understanding of the World - Can you find some pictures of yourself and your family? Can you find out the ages of your family members and put these in order from the oldest to the youngest? Talk to your family about what you were like as a baby, what did you enjoy doing? How have you changed? What can you do now that you couldn't do then? Can you talk/write about the differences? Can you make a 'People Collage', (you could cut out pictures from a magazine).

Continue with the STEM Learning Project - Around the World, Click (please work at your child's own pace).

There are lots of fantastic Spring craft ideas - please take a look Click here be creative using beans, pasta and natural resources or create your own masterpiece Click here for a fabulous paint tool. Have you tried the face canvas yet? Use your imagination to create something amazing! Take a picture and email them to the school office.

You can sign up for a 60 day Free access to Purple Mash activities Click here for lots more fun cross-curricular activities. Select Paint Projects - Bread Roll, to make a sandwich, Fruit Bowl, to draw some delicious fruit, Shopping Trolley, to shop for the whole family. 

Maths - WhiteRose Home Learning - SummerTerm- week5 - Click linked to the story Superworm.

Maths - The mathsfactor - Click here to continue to complete the 30 day challenge.

Maths - Can you estimate the number of objects? Click here Why not make up your own 'Estimation Game'. Click - Estimation Station. Ask your family to try and estimate how many x are in the bag? (Take it in turns to guess the correct number of objects and count them carefully to check the amounts).

Crickweb Click - Compare and Order. Top Marks Click - Ordering and sequencing numbers

Music - Sing along to Click - Farmer Plants a Seed.  

Outdoors - Why not try collecting some twigs and sticks from your garden or from your daily walk. Can you find a stick that is taller/shorter, bigger/smaller than you? Try ordering them by size. Can you measure them using some string? (You could order string, ribbons, pencils or toys if you cannot find any twigs). Can you make your own beanstalk? Click here for some fun ideas.

Don't forget to look out for the 'Signs of Spring' - Top Marks Click here for facts about the weather, baby animals, how to grow your plant, as well as Maths activities - Ordering/sequencing/counting/matching numbers. Click here - The Oak National Academy - Exploring Time and Seasons.

Once you have signed up to Purple Mash - you can access the weekly activities - Age 3-5yrs - Activities linked to 'Spring' and 5-7yrs - Planting carrots. 

Please continue playing board games with your family - Click here or continue making up your own games, using your imagination.


Please continue to complete the 30 day Lego Challenge (see link below).

Tune into BBC Bitesize for a variety of lessons, with videos and activities Click here

Here are some examples of your fabulous home learning. Well done keeping busy and being creative at home.

Please keep sending in your photographs to the School office email so that your work can be shared for others to see. Please remember to include your name and Reception.


Here are some additional activities to keep you busy at home while school is closed. Enjoy! 


Click here to access Maths and English activities - ICT games

Click here for phonic activities - PhonicsPlay

Click here for support with Letters and Sounds

Click here for activities - lot of free resources and videos to support phonics, reading, writing and maths.

Click here for free educational games - CBeebies

Click here for free educational games - Top Marks

Click here for free educational activities and on-line stories - Oxford Owl

Click here for Joe Wicks daily workout video's on YouTube. Live at 9.00am every day

Click here for Family Fit Club

Click here for free Maths activities - Carol Vorderman (free lessons to practise your maths skills).

Click here for free educational games - Crickweb

Click here for 100 things to do indoors

Click here for the 30 day Lego Challenge

Click here for free Maths activities - Whiterose Maths

Click here for Cross-Curricular Activities -Starters for STEM1

Click here to join in with 'Mrs Burgess sing-a-long'

Click here for BBC Nursery Rhymes and songs

Click here for our New School Music page

Click here for Singup - lots of songs for you to enjoy singing together

Click here for Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Click here for Oak National Academy - 180 new video lessons and resources each week

Click here for BBC Bitesize - 3 new lessons every weekday with videos and activities.


Please feel free to send any pictures of the children taking part in activities and any work that they have completed. You can send them via 2Simple or email them to the school office.

Amazon has cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help you to continue dreaming, learning and just being kids. 

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, using the following link:

Amazon books and audio stories

Routine and structure are important for children. Below is a suggestion of how your day might look.


Before 9.00 - Wake up, eat breakfast, make your own bed, brush you teeth and get dressed.

9.00-10.00 - Morning walk, daily workout with Joe Wicks or Family Fit Club.

10.00-11.00 - Check our school website and look on your class page for links. Maths & English activities, phonics activities, twinkl.co.uk - home learning packs on line. Complete homework in Maths and Handwriting books.

11.00-11.45- Creative Time - Lego, Duplo, drawing, painting, role-play activities, crafts, play music, dancing, playing board games, cooking or baking activities. (There are lots of Craft ideas and activities on line.)

11.45-12.30 - Wash your hands and help to prepare lunch.

12.30-12.50 - Be a helper by tidying your toys away, help clear the table, help wipe down the surfaces and help dry the dishes.

12.50-1.30 - Quiet Time - Reading, puzzles, colouring, relax and chat with the family.

1.30-2.30 - Learning/Outdoor Learning - Free educational games on line. Play in the garden, making dens, a mini-beast hunt, planting seeds, watering them each day and watching them grow, or go on a Scavenger Hunt.

2.30-3.15 - Reading with a sibling or a parent. Read a range of stories and talk about them. Eat a healthy snack.


Please leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

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