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Working together to succeed in life

Working together to succeed in life


This has been our first half term in Reception. We have worked really hard to learn new routines and make new friends. It has been lots of fun!! 

In Reception we have enjoyed exploring the season, Autumn. We have found out lots of interesting facts. We have also done some fantastic art work surrounding our Autumn theme. 

All about Me and My Family: This is something we have explored in great detail. It has been really nice getting to know all about each other. We used the iPad's to draw our families. 

We have been doing lots of different activities to help us learn all about The Festival of Light - Diwali. We used paint, technology, dance and baking to help us have our very own Diwali celebrations. We were really busy!

Reception took part in creating some art work to help us remember people that have died in the wars. We learnt lots about the importance of remembering and what happens on Remembrance Sunday. As a class we found the poppies particularly beautiful so we based our art around these. We made 'Poppy bowls' which we placed a candle in. Then, as a class, we did some remembering and thought about all the things that are important to us. We are very proud of our hard work!!

We had some Chicks in Reception. We watched them hatch out of their shell. They stayed with us until they were 4 weeks old. We helped to feed them and clean the cage. They were sooooooo cute!!

As part of our topic 'people who help us' we have been finding out about different jobs that people have. We had a visit from some Police Officers. They told us all about how the can help keep us safe. Lots of us decided that we were going to work hard to be a Police Officer.

We were invited to visit Huddersfield Fire Station. It was fantastic, we all got to squirt the hose, we had a competition who could squirt it the highest. Whilst we were there the fire fighters were called out on an emergency, we got to see what happens when they have to move quickly into the fire engine. A fire fighter even slid down the pole!!! We saw just how important the fire service is to help help people who need it

We created some observational pieces of Art work. We looked carefully at flowers, then used different media to create a piece of art. We think they look really good. We worked very hard.


Reception and Nursery visited France. We worked really hard to prepare for our visit; creating paintings to display in the Louvre, designing and making the Eiffel Tower and baking our own bread. Once we had our passports and tickets ready it was time to board the aeroplane. Our tickets were stamped and away we flew, in the very capable hands of Spring Grove cabin crew. When we reached Paris we were greeted by our very own tour guide, after a short while in Paris we travelled to the French Riviera, where we soaked up the sun and enjoyed the French cuisine. 

Reception had their first school trip. We had such a fun time at Cannon Hall. We loved seeing all the animals and playing in the adventure playground!! We were so tired on the way home, some of us fell asleep on the coach... even the grown ups!!